Constructing a New Office? Design Tips for Making It Feel Welcoming


The environment is so important in business settings. When employees and clients alike feel comfortable and welcome, they may be more motivated to work efficiently and to return to the office. In order to address this need, consider the ways in which certain design tips can make your new office feel more welcoming.

Post-Clear Signage

If there’s anything potentially confusing or unclear about entering your office, provide the necessary information with clear signage on the front door. For example, clients might need to use a back entrance or ring the bell before entering the space. Your office might also be following certain health and safety protocols, such as requiring masks to be worn in the space. Make this information clear to people before they walk into the office.

Consider Accessibility Concerns

Your office should be accessible to all employees and clients. Accounting for accessibility is a critical component of commercial building design. The entrance to the office needs to be accessible by both stairs and a ramp. Also, if the office is going to be on the second story or higher, you then need to provide elevator access to the space. If people cannot access the office or if individuals have to encounter difficulty in order to do so, the space is not welcoming and inviting.

Design a Greeting Space

When clients walk into the office, they should immediately encounter a person who will greet them. For example, it is a common practice to assign a receptionist to be stationed near the entrance of the office. This practice allows clients to feel comfortable when they come into the office. Instead of having to search for where they are supposed to go next, individuals can get a fast and direct answer from the receptionist.

Choose Appropriate Decor

Depending upon the nature of the business, you might be able to infuse some playful decor into the office space. In more serious settings, the decorations could emulate the colors and styles of the seasons. Do be inclusive in your choice of decorations. For example, filling the office with decorations that are exclusive to one holiday could make members of other faiths feel unwelcome at the practice. You do not necessarily need to avoid any and all holiday decor while making the office a welcoming place for all people.

Having a welcoming office is so important for every person who steps foot through the door. As you design your new office, keep some considerations in mind.


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