Cost of living in Atlanta, GA – An in-depth Guide

Cost of living in Atlanta

Atlanta is the shining star of the South. The Atlanta region, which has more than 5.6 million people, is the ninth-largest metro area in the country, trailing only Miami and ahead of Phoenix. If you are thinking of relocating to Atlanta, Continue reading.

Atlanta appears to be a great place to live because of its cultural diversity and small-town atmosphere. Because of these factors, many people are considering relocating to Atlanta if you happen to be one of them! Your priority should be to research the cost of living in Atlanta before moving there! Before deciding on ghostwriting services USA, it’s crucial to look at samples. Similarly, before relocating anywhere, it is essential to estimate the cost of living!

You can use rent, grocery costs, utilities, and restaurant prices to calculate the cost of living. Let’s take a closer look at those variables in Atlanta.

The cost of housing

How much you spend on housing determines the cost of living in Atlanta. Atlanta’s prices are rising. Yet, in comparison to other major cities, rents are still reasonable.

Apartment rents in Atlanta have dropped by about.8 percent year over year, according to our data. They are lower than the national average. The average rent in Atlanta for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,190, and for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,200. The surrounding Atlanta metropolitan area has seen a 1.9 percent increase in rent. Your choice of where to live in Atlanta can have a significant impact on your cost of living. The best Atlanta neighborhoods include the best facilities, security, and quality schools. Such areas will cost more than other less exciting areas.

Home prices in the Atlanta area are also reasonable. The average home price is around $309,000, representing a 17.9 percent increase over the previous year.

Cost of Utilities

As we all know, whether you buy a house or rent an apartment, the cost of utilities is the same.

Atlanta’s average utility bill is approximately around $170 per month. To add the now-ubiquitous home Wi-Fi, expect to pay an extra $60 on top of your regular utilities. If you dislike cleaning your house yourself, the average hourly rate for housework help is $22. Though it is not considered a utility, childcare is another standard cost to consider. Full-day childcare for one child costs around $860 per month. At the same time, there are pre-school programs offering discounts for enrolling more than one child.

Atlanta Food costs

Atlanta is well-known for its festive food. In Atlanta, you’re sure to find something to your liking. There are fine dining restaurants, casual dining facilities, food stalls, and even gourmet donut shops. The average cost of groceries varies depending on your lifestyle. But, if you are single and do not have children, you will spend $3,177 on food. Each year, a family of two adults and one child should budget at least $7,238 for food. Eating out isn’t costly. A meal at a low-cost restaurant should cost around $14. Simultaneously, a three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant should cost about $50 for two people. With alcohol and various appetizers, you’ll eat your way through your monthly food budget.

 Transportation Cost for Living in Atlanta

Transportation is often the second-highest expense for most Americans after their housing. Atlanta is no different, with 90% of travelers driving their car. When calculating the cost of living in Atlanta, keep in mind the longer commute times to increase your transportation costs.

Transportation costs are approximately 4% more than the national average. Insurance, standard maintenance, gasoline, and parking fees are all part of a car owner’s transportation costs. For public transportation users, a 30-day Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) pass can cost up to $95. It includes using the rail stations, but it may not be enough to get you where you need to go. Most train passengers must still take a taxi from the station for the rest of their journey, which can cost up to $20 for a 5-mile ride. Atlanta areas face heavier traffic daily than those who live in the city center. Gas prices are also higher in the area when compared to other southern states. Before moving to Atlanta, here is a suggestion to review your estimated transportation costs.

Healthcare Costs in Atlanta

When relocating to Atlanta, healthcare is a significant cost consideration. In Atlanta, a single full-time employed adult should consider paying $2,713 in medical and healthcare costs per year. Each year, a family of two full-time working adults and a child will spend $8,056 on healthcare.

The best part is that there is a large number of clinics and hospitals in Atlanta. Not to mention that finding a medical specialist to meet your needs is easy.

Salary Range for Living in Atlanta

You’ll also need to make sure you’re bringing in enough money to cover the cost of living in Atlanta. While wages vary by location, certain areas will need a higher income than others. For living in Atlanta, another recommendation is that you should earn at least $46,800 per year.

Yet, it would be preferable if you had a salary of around $64,000 per year, the average in Atlanta. It will position you for tremendous success in this city and ensure that you can cover all your Atlanta living expenses.


Taxes are another expense to consider when relocating to Atlanta. The city charges a sales tax of 8.95%. Mainly, the price you see on an item doesn’t include sales tax.

On the most basic level, living in Atlanta costs an average of $2,035 per month. It, of course, excludes miscellaneous expenses and entertainment. Make sure to look for the ideal apartment that fits your needs and budget. Atlanta can be a great place to live for anyone who has a good job covering the average living cost. The city has been providing excellent job opportunities to newcomers! You can find the cost of living in Atlanta that meets your needs if you take the right approach.


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