Décor Drama Tips for a Compact Bedroom for a Teenager!


Do you intend to create a big impact in a small bedroom? Well, especially if this bedroom belongs to your teenager, there is a very high need to make it multi-functional and super-rocking simultaneously. You just require listing out the items your teenager wants in this bedroom and crack some ideas by yourself to make this room inviting and decorative (not to forget functional).

How to Enhance the Beauty of a Small Teenage Room?

Today because of constrained spaces, we often have to provide teenagers with a small bedroom. But surely this doesn’t mean that it can’t be high on style.

  • Select the theme first

Most of teenagers prefer a contemporary style of decoration in their rooms. You can ask them whether they want a boho style of décor or a minimalistic concept or simply a traditionally done up room. Accordingly, you can proceed with the decorating.

  • Bold colours and patterns

Though it is a very small room, still it belongs to a teenager. So, going for the bold colours is obviously natural. Your kid would like a funky combination of paints in the room to make it look unique and exemplary (to flaunt amongst friends!). You can go for patterned wallpapers or simply create a wonderful aura with a wall mural or moody tone of paint. But always remember, calling the experts from Fine Finish Interiors for gib stopping in Auckland is necessary. Only after they carry out a perfect plastering on the walls can you follow up with a coat of decorative paint colour. Since the professionals are experienced and trained in gib stopping, their job is definitely the best and highly recommended in this city.

  • Choose double-duty furniture

A small space often can’t be decorated with lots of furniture. But convenience is important too. So, you have to choose the furniture that does double duty in this room. For example — going for a sofa cum bed or foldable chairs and tables are the best options for a small bedroom.

  • Keep maximum storage

Mindful decorations and functionality is important in a small bedroom. Your teenager would require lots of storage space to dump all the clothes, sports items, hobby essentials, and even study materials. So, think of the storage convenience. Like, you can simply add a desk chair near an elevated nightstand surrounded by a bookshelf. That way, you can add one more cabinet or cupboard in the room for maximum storage opportunities while the table works double-shift as a nightstand and study table.

  • Skip the extra furnishings

Well, we all know teenagers are very lazy in cleaning or organising a room. So, if you are thinking of adding extra furnishings like more cushions or double-layered curtains, then we would recommend you skip this. Remember, space is so constrained that this would make the room feel crowded. A floor rug with some floor cushions or bean bags would help when your kid has friends over. And these are easy to move around – so can be cleared off if needed.

Basically, your teenager requires a room that is very practical but looks equally impressive as well. So, you can use all your creativity in decorating the room nicely. But keep the stuff minimal so that it is easier to organise and doesn’t even make the room feel congested. Finally, your teenager’s taste shall change with time – so, decorate in a way so that you can easily revamp the room to make it bloom and adapt as your teenager grows. 


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