Dining Room Partition Ideas For Small Houses

dining room partition ideas

An amazing dining room partition will transform the whole look of any room. A partition will help give an illusion of having a private separate area in the same room. However, there is more to these partitions and they have more than one functionality. With a good dining hall partition, you will be able to add depth, colour, and texture to a living room area. So, whether you are looking to create a private space, add colour to a room, or want to simply refurbish the living room space by giving it a new look, a dining room partition is just what you need. For a big home, it will add an aesthetic beauty while for a small home, it will be a great space-saving solution. Read on to know about the different dining room partition ideas you could use in your house.


  1. Sliding Glass Partition


Having a sliding glass partition is a great way to divide the living room area and the dining room. Anyone who visits your home will also be able to see through the glass that there is a separate dining area. It makes your home look like it has a lot more space. It is a simple but stylish addition to your living room.


  1. Glass Partition with Wooden Frames


You can also consider having a glass dining hall partition with wooden frames. This way you can avoid a cluttered look and give the space a much more sophisticated appeal. You might even have a restaurant-like atmosphere right at home.


  1. Abstract Design Partition

If you have looked at some of the dining room partition ideas, you would have noticed that it is not necessary to stick to the traditional designs. You do not have to choose regular or standard designs.  You can even go for a trending design that is abstract. This will give your home a unique look. For instance, if you don’t have a lot of space for an entire door, you could install an abstract dining room partition wall. This idea works well even for bigger homes, where the partition can become an element of design.


  1. Bookshelf as Dining Room Partition


  1. Curtains as partitions


Curtains would make a great dining room partition. All you would have to do is suspend one rod for the curtains and connect its hooks or rings. If you want to give your room a more royal appeal, you can consider using a rich fabric like velvet for the curtains.  If you live in a studio apartment, this type of partition is ideal as it can help you save a lot of space. Besides, it would look very regal to open them in a dramatic way.

There may be many classic dining room partition ideas that will never go out of style. Folding screens are commonly seen in Asian homes across the world. They look very attractive and at the same time serve the purpose of dividing the space. They are not bulky which makes them very flexible and easy to move. The screen usually includes about three or four opaque or transparent panels. They are all hinged together at the edges. The hinges make it easy to open and close them. It can be used as a partition design anywhere in the house.

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