DIY home tips to cleaning your leather furniture


Who doesn’t love leather furniture? They are bound to add a new touch of finesse to your drawing room and help to make it stand apart. And naturally, leather being a natural element is prone to dust, grime, mold, and even mildew along with the usual cartload of scratches and tears. And that’s why, when it comes to leather furniture, you need to pay special attention to caring for the same, especially if you are keen on its durability. Hence check out these easy tips listed below; you should be able to utilize them to clean up your leather furniture with the supplies at home.

  • Wipe gently: Granted that your leather sofa is bound to see its fair share of cracks, holes, scratches, and even puncture marks – which is all the more reason that you need to maintain it well. Because you would have spent an enormous amount of cash to purchase one, you would naturally have to go the extra mile taking care of it. So when it comes to cleaning your leather sofa or your leather furniture, it only makes sense to opt for natural cleaners. Just search online for home leather cleaner and you should be able to develop one right away. White vinegar makes one of the best leather cleaners in the market; in fact, most of the industry-manufactured leather cleaners contain the same to a certain extent. Take equal parts of white vinegar and warm water, mix it up well. Now take a soft muslin cloth and wipe your furniture gently. Let it also dry naturally, and this should help restore some of the natural ‘glow’ to your leather furniture.
  • Dealing with mold or fungus: If you had been away on a long vacation, chances are that by the time you had gotten back, your leather furniture may have taken on new residents. It is not unheard of, for leather furniture to develop a case of fungus or mold since all that they would require is a little moisture to get started. Take some rubbing alcohol and some old newspapers. Spread it on the floor, beneath the furniture, and using a soft-bristled brush, brush it well. Once that’s done, use a soft muslin cloth, soak it in rubbing alcohol and rub gently over the areas affected with either mold or fungus. Let it sit for a while and then rub it dry with another cloth. 
  • Olive oil and Vinegar: Whoever said that Olive oil is only good for cooking? To clean any soiled area of your leather furniture, all that you would need is a bottle of vinegar along with some olive oil. For starters, apply the vinegar (not white vinegar) over the soiled area, let it soak in for a while. After some time, take a muslin cloth, soak it in olive oil and gently rub the furniture with it. This should help clean the soiled area of the furniture effectively while ensuring that the leather surface still retains its suppleness and shine. Of course, you could also use warm water and some mild soap, which should help do the trick as well.
  • Flaxseed oil and white vinegar: Take one part white vinegar and two parts flaxseed oil. Once you have done so, shake up the mixture well so that it mixes. Now, soak a little muslin cloth in the same and apply it gently to the sofa or leather furniture. Let it sit for 12 hours, after which, you can use another muslin cloth to wipe it dry, that’s it.

These are some of the DIY home tips for cleaning your leather furniture and providing it with good care and maintenance.


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