Do You Need Roofing Shingles on Your Backyard Shed


Roofing shingles reinforce a roof structure on any type of building. In addition to having your home roof shingled, install shingles on your shed as well to provide the same level of protection that any structure needs.

Inclement Weather

Bad weather can take a toll on any roof. Smaller buildings like a backyard shed can suffer significant damage. Hail, pounding rain, heavy snow, ice buildup, or strong winds can play havoc with a shed roof and leave gaps that cause moisture leaks. In addition to dealing with an inadequate roof, you might end up facing a mold problem or interior structural damage. Shingles help to protect the roof and the shed from serious weather issues. If damage does occur, the broken or missing shingles can be replaced more easily than reframing a damaged roof.

Wildlife Infiltration

Without protective shingles, animals can more easily burrow into a shed and cause major problems. Birds, bats, rodents, and insects find crevices or splintered areas where they can enter the building and take up residence. Some will gnaw or eat the wood, causing your shed to deteriorate more quickly. Others pose a safety hazard for anyone using the shed to store equipment and tools. The pests will then multiply, increasing the risk of further damage to your outbuilding. A layer of shingles may repel animals with teeth that find the product too difficult to chew and move on to another refuge.

Fallen Tree Debris

Tree leaves, boughs, and limbs that fall on your shed roof can cause various types of problems. Mold and mildew can result, causing the roof to begin to disintegrate. Heavier limbs will cause breakage, but shingles may help to mitigate damage from lighter debris by trapping leaves or enabling smaller branches to roll off the roof surface.

Contact Expert Roofers

Find out the cost involved in having roofing shingles installed on your shed roof. Contact experts like Schultz Roofing & Repairs, LLC for information about the process and the warranties or guarantees provided for the shingles and installation work. New shingles installed by experts offer added protection to your investment in an outbuilding like a shed. Shingles could help to extend the life of the roof and make it more effective against the elements and invasive wildlife.

Shingles also make a roof more attractive as well as more functional. Consider adding shingles to your shed roof to get the most from this structure as a storage area.


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