Easy Maintenance Tips For Your Beautiful Rugs & Carpets


Oftentimes, rugs & carpets tend to be the centrepiece of the home’s entire decoration. If you can accurately use your carpets & rugs, then you can improve the entire indoor aesthetic of your house – helping you to create a warm, cosy and cohesive atmosphere for you & your family members (including guests). That’s why rugs & carpets tend to be a substantial improvement for any responsible homeowner. 

If you can learn the ideal techniques to care for your carpets & rugs, then you’ll be able to enjoy your well-designed interiors for years at a stretch. So, how can you take care of your carpets without having spent too much time or effort? Well, fret not as we’re going to discuss the same topic in this comprehensive guide. 

Tips & Tricks To Easily Maintain Your Carpets & Rugs Over An Extended Period

  • Try To Vacuum Almost Regularly

According to a professional service provider for carpet and upholstery cleaning in Auckland, one of the proper methods through which you can conserve the overall integrity of your rugs & carpets, is by properly vacuuming it regularly. Such a process will help you to eliminate all dirt, dust & debris, which have the potential to stain your carpets over time. 

However, we’d suggest being careful with your vacuum settings, so that you don’t damage the fibres of your rug. Take the process slowly without haste and you’ll do great. 

  • Opt For Professional Cleaning Measures

In case you’re not keen on performing DIY measures for cleaning your carpets & rugs, then it would be prudent to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to deal with the same. 

These professionals have the ideal experience as well as the tools to ensure that they make your carpets or rugs spotless, without destroying their integrity. Moreover, all potential contaminants will be eliminated without fail. 

  • Handling With Care

If you’re deciding to opt for DIY carpet cleaning procedures, remember to handle your rugs & carpets with proper care. Improper handling can lead to premature damage to the carpet’s structure & integrity. As a result, your beautiful carpet or rug will be useless in no time and all your investment will be down the drain. 

Remember to avoid bleaching products for cleaning since bleach can make most carpet or rug fibres become brittle and thus make your gorgeous rugs & carpets look outdated, old, fuzzy and frayed. 

  • Avoid Keeping Your Carpets Or Rugs In Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight will always prove to be a bane for your beautiful carpets and rugs. That’s why we always suggest keeping your rugs or carpets away from any direct sunlight. Sunlight can fade the colour of the fibres of your carpet and thus prematurely damage the integrity of the fibres. 

  • Using The Proper Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Currently, there are a wide range of carpet cleaning solutions available in the market. However, the bad news is that – most of these cleaning solutions will simply damage your rug or carpet – if you don’t use the right one that specifically pertains to the fibres of your carpet or rug. We suggest getting professional advice before choosing the ideal cleaning solution for your rug or carpet. 

  • Practice Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is the process by which stains & spills are cleaned just as they occur. So, when any beverage or liquid accidentally spills on your carpet, ensure that you blot the stains almost immediately with an absorbent tissue or cloth. Such a process will ensure that the liquid molecules will not penetrate the carpet fibres deeply. Furthermore, rubbing the stains vigorously can prove to be counterproductive as it will set the stains deeper into the fibres. 

Lastly, if you’re on the lookout for a reliable carpet or rug cleaner, don’t hesitate and connect with us. 


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