Emergency Carpet Cleaning Tips At Your Rescue


Are there guests coming to your place suddenly? Or have you spilt a glass of red wine on the floor? Don’t panic! We know your carpet is badly stained. It even looks really messy. You don’t want to get embarrassed in front of your guest because of these stains and dirty carpets. Well, there are some ways through which you can clean them just like new ones within minutes. Call these tips as your life saviours and save the post.

Tried and tested emergency carpet cleaning tricks 

 The first suggestion that we would like to give you is to spare the trouble for yourself, call the experts in carpet cleaning in Canberra from Blue Cleaning Group. They provide you with various plans in home and commercial tidying services along with emergency carpet cleaning as well. They immediately come to your rescue and deal with the stains or the dirt that are torturing you with their latest equipment and trained professionals. But in case you want to try some tricks at your home in urgency, keep reading.

  • Remove stains with a hot iron —In case of nasty stains, deal with them with a steaming, hot iron. Pour a solution of detergent diluted in little water over the ugly spot. Cover it with a cotton cloth and use a hot iron over this cloth like you do while putting up a tattoo on your hands. The stain gets transferred to the fabric while the damage reduces on the carpet.
  • The scrubbing and rubbing technique — Your grandma’s trick of cleaning the carpet with rubbing and scrubbing works even today. You just have to use the proper detergent for carpet cleaning and a good scrub. The rest depends upon how well you rub it. A little pressure (not too vigorous) ensures to remove the stain and still maintain the beauty of the carpet.
  • Baking soda works like magic on oil stains — When you spilt gravy on the carpet or oil, baking soda plays the saviour for you in this situation. You just have to pour it on the stained area on your carpet. Leave it for a few minutes and if possible, add a bit of vinegar solution over this. After this process, you rub it immediately. The stain comes out like magic.
  • Squeegee is ideal for pet hair removal — we know you vacuum the carpets regularly. But somehow, the pet hair stays on its surface. Removing it is a difficult task and requires a lot of effort. Unless you use your squeegee to remove them. Yes, we know it is ideal for window cleaning. But it is designed in such a way that it removes even the finest dirt particles from your windows screen. Similarly, the tiniest pet hair that is immersed in your carpet is eradicated because of this squeegee.
  • Rubbing alcohol removes nail polish and other tough stains — Nail polish stains are pretty messier, tough to get rid of from your carpet. But during such an emergency, we have a trick for you. You can rub alcohol over this stain and scrap the upper layer first. Next, scrub the spot and find it absolutely vanished from your carpet in minutes.
  • The power of vinegar for spotless cleaning — If you really want to know the power of vinegar, use it to clean your carpets. When there is an emergency, even your carpet looks dull or even a bit yellowish, then vinegar comes to your rescue. Dilute it with some water and clean the carpet using it. You can use it in an increased amount if there’s a nasty stain on any part.

So, aren’t these tips handy? Well, now, no amount of emergencies will scare you. Since you have these hacks at your disposal, four carpets look shining and sparkling clean anytime in your house. 


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