Enhancing your Outdoor Space Entrance


Every house has that one place that provides solace and peace to the mind. This guide will take you through the process of building such a space at your home in a way that turns all your dreams into a reality.

The Theme 

You might have a plan on redesigning your house. It becomes all the more important to make sure that your outdoor space goes inflow with indoor space. Just like your indoor space, your outdoor space reflects your sense of style.

You must choose a style to run away from. It could be a focus soothing palette of greens, and style with the Japanese way with bamboo and stone footpaths and even at a fountain if you wish to. You can go for a cottage garden kind with flowers and a fire pit along with the counter seating areas. Create a leisure space for yourself to unwind on. 

Modify based on the type of space you’re creating

If you’re looking for an easy and fast way to revamp your backyard then go for a simplistic ground-level deck. It is important to look for a spot that will prove to be advantageous for your space. According to the insights of landscape designer Jan Johnsen, finding your power spot is key. For instance, if your house has a roof deck then your deck should fall in its line of sight showcasing scenic decor. Ramp up the deck with big plants, some furniture, rugs, and stone pathways. You can easily get a decking Perth that would add the charm to your home.

An alternative to decking in case you don’t have a large enough space could be transforming your balcony into a cozy spot. The addition of hanging planters, warm rugs to sit on and minimal pieces of furniture could completely upgrade the space. 

Go Green

Before going ahead and getting all different kinds of foliage for your place, do your homework to realize what your place needs. Consider the amount of time you’ll be able to invest into gardening and taking care of these plants. If you’re not mindful you’ll be throwing their dead bodies out before you’ve even had a chance to see them flourish. Do your research and pick a low-maintenance plant if you cannot invest much time. Get yourself the right tools and recipes alongside choosing a plant that suits the personality of your space. 


Placing your furniture correctly could make or break your ideal space. The first thing that you should pay attention to is your seating area. It is best to keep outdoor seating minimal so that you have space to move around and it doesn’t get cramped. Decide beforehand where exactly it will be placed and measure out that area so that when you’re off to Ikea you know exactly what to get. Secondly, have a look at the space from the inside of your house as well and visualize the sight you’ll see once the place comes together. See what all you already have that can be utilized for outdoor decor. 

Add an element of serene escape or adventure

Decking does not have to be a serious adult kind of setup only. It can be a fun and wholesome place as well with the right design plan. Do not be afraid to experiment with elements such as fire pits or hammocks or something as wild as a treehouse! It will be a joy if there are any kids in the house and even if not you deserve to have all the fun with your secret hideout place!


The kind of outdoor space enhancement you wish to have completely depended upon you. They serve as the relaxing space that would take away your blues and help you refresh yourself. 


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