Ensure The Safety Of Your House With Asbestos Check

Asbestos Check
Asbestos Check

Almost most of the houses built before 1990 had asbestos in the construction in some form or other. Asbestos was generally used for the tiles in the ceiling, floor tiles, flashing and roof shingles, sheeting near the fireplace, and even making the roof. They were also used for siding, sheeting around the fireplace, ducts, pipes, and many other places. However, it has been found through research is asbestos is not suitable for health, mainly when they are airborne, and can lead to lung defects, including lung cancer.

Asbestos dust to too harmful and becomes one f the primary sources of significant health hazards. The dust generally suspends in the air, or we can say asbestos becomes airborne, if the sheets are damaged, particularly near the ducts and pipes and the furnaces or while making holes using the drill. Asbestos fibres are invisible in naked eyes and, when they are inhaled, become a threat to your health.

Asbestos Check
Asbestos Check

Therefore, it is best to do an asbestos check of your house and property to take proper preventive measures and replace them with other suitable alternatives. Unfortunately, it is not always visually possible by any layman to check the levels of asbestos pollution in and around the house. Therefore it is best to take help from an accredited laboratory having experts on their panel.

The Method Of Asbestos Check

It is best to take the services of the best-accredited laboratory in your area for doing the asbestos check. The agency does PLM or polarized Light Microscopy and TEM or Transmission Electron Microscopy. The experts of the laboratory also perform PCM or Polarized Contrast Microscopy at different places. PLM is done for checking the All these methods are applied at various places. For example, to check asbestos dumping, the laboratory experts will do PLM. For testing asbestos contamination in water, the TEM method is followed. PCN is generally done to check for all suspended particles in the air, including asbestos. Asbestos check is essential to stay safe and avoid paying penalties imposed by the state’s competent authority.

Important Factors To keep In Mind While Performing Asbestos Checkup at Your Home

One should not panic if asbestos is found in different areas of their house after the accredited laboratory does the asbestos check and comes with the report. Instead, one should judiciously deal with the report and check asbestos in which part of the house is in what condition.

If the asbestos is friable, it can crumble easily, and the particles can hang in the air and cause health issues. Again there is also non-friable asbestos, which can only be cut with saws or drilled. They are made by mixing with other components. Unless they are cut, sawed, drilled, or sanded, finding asbestos fibers in the air is remote. Again, suppose the condition of the material is good after asbestos checking. In that case, there is no need to replace them for the time being as they do not be an immediate hazardous source for health.

However, many people want to remove asbestos materials from their houses, irrespective of the condition. Therefore, it should always be done by expert professionals who take proper precautions to remove the asbestos and even hold a certificate received from the competent authority. Make sure to stay away from the property while the asbestos is being removed.

Asbestos Check
Asbestos Check

Final Words

It is always advised to do an asbestos check of your house and ensure the safe of your family. In addition, one should always take the services of an accredited laboratory to check and take the assistance of certified professionals to replace them with alternatives. Remember, good health is always a wealth for all.


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