Everything You Need to Know About Cost of House Shifting

Everything You Need to Know About Cost of House Shifting

Are you planning for shifting your house? Not sure how much the shifting is going to cost you? Are you wondering if the cost of house shifting might exceed the allotted budget? In case, you are losing your mind trying to find answers to these questions, we got you a pinch of sanity. Here is everything you need to know about the cost of shifting.

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How to get the estimated Cost of House Shifting?

After getting the details of the three packers and movers companies from Moving Solutions, you should call them individually. As a rule of thumb, every moving company sends their representatives to conduct a moving survey. They come to your place and check out your belongings to provide you with an estimated cost of house shifting. They calculate the price by estimating the number of boxes that might be required to move all the belongings. You should do a comparative analysis of all the three moving companies based on their house shifting cost quotations and choose the most cost-effective one.

What factors affect the Cost of House Shifting?

The cost of house shifting depends on the following factors:

1. Distance:

The distance of your house shifting determines its price. Even if you are shifting the same number of boxes, it is the distance that decides the final price of the move. Prices will be poles apart to move 40 boxes locally and to move them from one end of the country to the other. The greater the distance, the greater the cost of house shifting.

2. Quantity:

Quantity is the size of the move. It indicates the total number of boxes as well as the total weight of the boxes. Too many boxes will take much time and effort to pack and too heavy boxes will be difficult to carry, load, and unload. In either case, it will increase the moving cost. So, the more quantity, the more will be the cost of the house shifting.

3. Packing Materials:

House shifting cost is the cost of moving plus the cost of packing the belongings. Using packing materials like cartons, plastic boxes, corrugated cardboard, bubble wraps, plastic stretch sheets, cello tapes, furniture pads, etc. add up to the cost of packing. Extensive usage of such packing supplies increases the total cost of the move. The average cost of packing ranges from 3k to 10k. But the greater the usage of packing materials, the greater is the cost of house shifting.

4. Manpower:

Depending on the size of the move, the workforce required for the move will vary. The bigger the size of the move, the more will be the manpower required, and the more will be the cost of house shifting.

5. Warehousing:

In case of long-distance moves, many times you opt to store your belongings securely in a warehouse. Warehousing increases the final cost of the move. Depending on the size of the move, and the time frame of availing the warehouse facility, the cost of the shifting varies. If you have too many boxes, and you want to keep them in the warehouse for a long time, you will be paying a larger sum of money for your house shifting than otherwise.

6. In-transit Insurance:

Availing in-transit insurance is an optional and yet, a recommended factor while house shifting. In case of loss or damage to your goods on the go, the moving company compensates your financial losses if you avail of in-transit insurance. It saves you in the long run in times of dismay, but it adds up to the cost of your home shifting.

7. Moving Vehicle:

House relocation takes place through various modes of transport like trucks, tempos, and trailers. The larger the size of the moving vehicle, the larger will be the cost of house shifting.

There are two categories of moving vehicles:

  • Shared Vehicles: Your belongings are shifted alongside the belongings of other customers. The total price of moving will be shared by the customers, thereby resulting in a decrease in the cost of house shifting.
  • Dedicated Vehicles: Your belongings are shifted in a separate container allotted for you, which will make the shifting process faster. The cost of house shifting increases relatively in this case.

8. Days of relocation:

The cost of home shifting depends upon the days of the move. If you move on weekdays which, in this case, are from Monday to Thursday, the moving costs are relatively lesser than on Weekends.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, due to the high demands of the packers and movers Hyderabad to Bangalore, the prices surge up. Hence, house shifting on weekends increases the cost.

9. Payable Taxes:

If you are shifting from one place to another, you have to pay GST. For intercity shifting, you have to pay toll tax in addition to GST. Therefore, taxes increase the cost of house shifting.

10. Impression of the Company:

If your packers and movers company has a valued brand name, you are most likely to pay more. A famous and dependable brand is a preference for many customers, and it comes at a higher price. Thus, the brand value increases the cost of house shifting.

Your Call After All

Packers and movers make your move easy and efficient. But the cost of house shifting is what makes you prefer one service provider over the other. An online cost calculator is used to calculate the approximate cost of shifting a specific number of boxes to a specific location at a preferred time of the week. Based on the estimation, you can decide the best moving company suited for you. Choose your packers and movers wisely, and we wish you an easy and affordable move!

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