Exciting Fall Home Decor Ideas for Autumn Season 2022


With the end of September month, North is all set to welcome fall! It’s time to say goodbye to sunny summers and witness the rejuvenating change of season. The crispness in the air, mellow vibe, & cozy feel of fall is almost around the corner to fill our lives with refreshing energy and joy. The astronomical start of autumn is marked by celebrating the renowned ‘September Equinox’ every year. Coming from the ancient Mabon beliefs of welcoming the fall with pumped-up celebrations and performing rituals to extend thanks for the fruits of nature, this celebration has mythological roots and traditional significance. September 23rd to be precise is celebrated as a thanksgiving for a summer harvest and seeking blessings from deities to bring peace and harmony into lives. 

Home Decor Ideas for Fall 2022

Introducing decorative accents and other decor items during the autumn equinox rituals is considered to bring well-being and infuse positivity into your home decor. Revamping our living space and giving an aesthetic autumn season touch to the interior palette is a great way to welcome winters afterwards. The use of dried fall leaves, petals, acorns, pines, and other rustic theme decor pieces adds a dramatic finish and makes your personal space absolutely fall-ready. To start your fall decor journey, here have a look at the ultimate trendy ideas to decorate your living space this autumn 2022.

Fall Home Decor Ideas for Autumn Season 2022

Console Tables

Ceramic vases


Table lamps

Decorative pieces

Wall Decor


Map Art


Dining Decor



Candle Holders

Living Room

Dried Flowers & Pampas

Cushion Covers


Console Tables

Give the console tables at your home a nice rusty fall touch. The center furnishing items like console tables are ideal to start your decoration for this autumn season. There are multiple decor items you can choose to elevate the style of your living space. Some of the trendy and genuine decor products for console tables include: 

  • Ceramic vases

Quality ceramic vases with unique silhouettes and designs that showcase particular themes and infuse a dramatic touch into interiors are ideal to display on the sides of your console table. The unique structures and eye-catching designs with beautiful blends of different shades look interesting and add a captivating visual appeal to any living room. Use these to display your favorite dried flowers to make justice to your fall theme. 


  • Planters 

Small desk planters also work wonderfully for filling in the empty spaces on console tables. The use of dark and ombre shades to curate these planter pieces gives a vintage feel and warm vibe. Ideal to set up a cozy theme and plant your favorite botanicals.

  • Table lamps

Why avoid lighting? Grab a chance of upgrading your console table to an extraordinary aesthetic by adoring ceramic table lamps. Boosting quirky silhouettes that are embossed with high-class designs and caricatures radiates soft lighting through premium quality lampshade fabric. Ideal to set the mood lighting for fall.



  • Decorative pieces

Certain luxury decor pieces like face figurines, statues, and other desk items are also perfect to give an uber luxury finish to your console table this autumn. Add some intriguing pieces to infuse visual interest and make a chic style statement among your visitors.

Wall Decor

To mark the beginning of fall this season, decorating the walls of your home decor is truly an amazing idea. Express your mood and interest through quirky and innovative wall decor items. Compliment the color palette and make a remarkable style statement with intriguing soft fall colors. Some of the most crowd-pleasing wall decor ideas are:



  • Paintings

Large wall paintings are the perfect way to infuse a lively charm into the ambiance and level up the mood. Certain autumn and winter theme paintings look interesting and match the finial of your living space. The use of bold colors adds a fairytale finish and brings versatility to the interior palette.



  • Map Art

Customize map art prints that bring memories of beautiful days of your lives and beautify the empty walls of your living space. This autumn steps out of the conventional theme of your home decor and try out such innovative wall decor art pieces for the living room, bedroom, or any other corner at your place.



  • Plates

Celebrate your love for handmade art and decorate the walls of your living room with decorative ceramic plates. You can adorn these plates in a certain pattern or style to maintain symmetry and enhance the look of your walls. 

Dining Decor

Set your dining hall with beautiful fall theme decor pieces and add quality kitchenware and other useful decor items. Revamp the whole kitchen counter set-up and dining table arrangements using handpicked quality items to make your space glow in fall theme style. 

  • Kitchenware

Use quality utensils handmade with authentic styles and traditional metals like copper, brass, etc. It is a perfect option to add that warm and welcoming touch to your kitchen decor and upgrade the crockery collection for serving. 



  • Jars

Colorful ceramic jars with beautiful structures and solid lids on top are perfect to store non-perishable items like candies, sweets, nuts, etc. The decorative designs and engraved caricatures depict a storyline and reflect vivid inspirations in your home decor. Perfect to use for fall decor this year. 


  • Candle Holders

Add that extra dramatic touch to your dining room with beautiful metal candle holders. Place your favorite tealight or conventional candles to enjoy soothing light and set the right mood for cozy winter dinners.

  • Living Room

The most loved place of every household, decorate the living room with an extraordinary fall touch this season. Set a relaxing vibe and play with colors to set the right tone and texture for the interior palette. Try out these exciting ideas to make your living room and seating arrangements fall-ready. 

  • Dried Flowers & Pampas

The rusty fall leaves are loved by all to use as vase fillers in every season. Why miss them out now? Use dried flower bouquets and special pampas grass bunches to add a wavy and fluorescent texture to the interior palette. Apart from smoky texture, these will look stunning to set the vibe right for fall celebrations.




  • Cushion Covers

What better way to add a comfy look? Cushion covers are absolute life savers that not only add an aesthetic appeal but also prove to be very functional in any living room or sitting area arrangement. The floral embroidery and use of eye-pleasing colors on minimalist cotton covers look stunning when used to add a nice dash of hues.



  • Lanterns

Bring in those peaceful vintage vibes by hanging classic lantern pieces on window panes or walls of your hallways. These lighting fixtures complete the look for fall theme decor.


Imagining and executing what you desire has a surreal feeling itself! It’s time for you to gear up and achieve the dream look for your home decor this autumn season. Give a shot to the above fall decor ideas & make a chic style statement this autumnal equinox. For more ideas and inspirations, visit Whispering Homes and explore the handpicked range of luxury decor pieces for the autumn season of 2022. 

Color Coordination

One of the best ways to get your home ready for fall is to start thinking about color coordination. This doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy all new furniture or paint your walls, but simply adding a few pops of color here and there can make a big difference.

Think about adding some autumn-themed throw pillows or blankets to your living room. You could also add a vase with some fall leaves in it or a few scented candles with autumnal scents. These small changes can really help to give your home a cozy, fall feeling.

Another great way to add some fall flavor to your home is to switch out your regular light bulbs for some warm-toned ones. This will give your whole house a warmer, more inviting feel.


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