Exterior and Interior painting in Home renovation

New house entryway interior room with wood floors and staircase.

Lot many things come to our mind when we talk about house renovation or scaling the value of a newly bought home. The structure and construction of a house for the robustness, endurance and all-weather strength and the interior of the house for its visual treat and aesthetics.

The exterior for the first appearance and the interior to elevate the experience of the first experience. In both these visuals, painting on the walls is the most dominant and vastly used. Paint is the most dominant part of home décor too. Painting according to the mood of the room sets the whole vibe in the room.

There is a lot more to looking than just colour while considering paint. While protecting the walls, paint can offer a wide range of effects. Let’s discuss some of them below.

Exterior painting.

Painting on the exterior is essential, and the look depends upon the type of paint you choose for the exterior. It also depends on the painters. Exterior painting in Kelowna needs to be top notch to last for many years. The below are two popular types of exterior paint materials.

1. Cement paint – It provides good protection on the exterior. Mostly used on the exterior as it prevents water penetration and dirt retention. It is water based and can be applied to brickwork and concrete. 

2. Oil-based paints – Oil based paints are better at penetrating wall surfaces. Also, these water-resistant paints have better adhesion for exterior painting in Kelowna. These qualities make them durable.

Interior painting

1. Distemper – Is it texture you said? Distemper is the answer. This type of interior painting in Kelowna is budget friendly but less durable and gives a textured look.

2. Emulsion – With excellent durability it provides a rich effect. It is water based and therefore dries up quickly. Also, it has low volatile organic content and hence is odourless. Durable and washable, it can easily remove stains.

3. Enamel – This type of interior painting in Kelowna is water resistant and, therefore, can be used in bathrooms and commercial kitchens as it is resistant to heat and stain. It provides a glossy finish. It is mostly used on metallic surfaces.

There are different types of finishes in interior painting for a particular type of material. Eggshell finish is viable for living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. A flat finish has a velvety matte look. Glossy finish carries a higher degree of lustre or sheen, whereas satin has a subtle shine that doesn’t reflect light as much.

In closing

These were the two predominant types of painting Try Quality Craftsmen to get an amazing paint job for your home or workplace that lasts long and remains fresh-looking for many years.

Micheal Steve is the author of this article. To know more about Painters in Kelowna please visit our website: qualitycraftsmenrenovations.ca


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