Finding the best paints for the exterior walls of your home

exterior walls of your home

The exteriors of your house bear with all the adversities like dust pollution etc. To ensure that your exterior walls match the aesthetically pleasing shiny interiors, a good coat of premium quality exterior paint is a must-have. Over the years, painting for exterior walls has evolved from simple distemper to emulsion paints which last for years and are considered one of the best paints for exterior walls.

Choosing the best paints

When building your dream house, the quality of all the raw materials used is essential for a safe and secure home. Similarly, a good coat of exterior paint on the walls not only improved the view but helps protect the house from wear and tear. When selecting the best paint for exterior walls, you must look for the following:

  • Fungal resistance

Algae and fungal infestations are the worst enemies for your exterior wall paint. They not only destroy the finish of the paint but also soak water and ultimately lead to cracks in the plaster. Thus, the best paints for exterior walls are made using premium quality chemicals that resist both algal and fungal infestations.

  • Toxin-free

With high levels of pollution all-around, your home should be free of it. The best paints for exterior walls are mostly toxin-free and use environment-friendly pigments and constituents for the exterior wall paints for your family’s health.

  • Seals imperfection

Imperfections on the plater don’t seem like a big thing, but these small imperfections are the starting point of larger cracks. The best paints for exterior walls fill up even the smallest of imperfections to leave your walls with a fine finish.

  • Water-resistance

Rainwater and acid rains because of the high pollution are another major contributor to tarnished walls and dull paint on exterior walls. The companies with the best paints for exterior walls ensure water resistance by adding high latex content to their paint. This also adds to the lustre.

  • Colour protection

Among the many factors that tarnish the exterior wall paint, the UV rays from the sun play another role. Investing in good quality paint with colour protection properties proves to be more economical in the long run. It keeps the colours from fading away for a longer time.

  • Economical

Budget is yet another factor to be considered. The price of paints for exterior walls varies a great deal depending upon factors like colour pigment, texture, water resistance, etc. The best paint for the exterior walls of your dream home is the one that offers you the benefits while being within your budget.

There are several big labels that offer premium quality exterior wall paints for your dream homes but are usually not within the budget range of most people. However, brands like British Paints provide you with unmatched quality exterior emulsion paints that are economical. With immense experience, the experts at British Paints not only help you find premium quality paints within your budget but also help you find the best paints for exterior walls that specifically cater to the needs of your house.


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