Four Common Boiler Problems That You Should Know About!

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    A boiler is necessary in UK homes considering the atmosphere is chilly for most of the year. It gets unbearable towards the end of the year and that is when you need a fully functional boiler. The equipment could be complex, but the good part is that it rarely requires repairs. However, it does not mean that you will never require to repair a boiler, Just like other machinery, it will also malfunction at some stage and that is when you will need a boiler repair. If the boiler needs repair, one must show urgency because the condition will only deteriorate and that is when you will have to spend more on the repair. Let us understand here some common boiler problems and the repair alternatives.


    This is a major problem in hot water boilers. As a non-technical person, you may not be able to understand the term, but it creates certain sounds, which should make you sit up and take note of. It is in the form of a loud banging or rumbling coming from the heating unit. The situation is a result of excess minerals in the water supply. The mineral deposits can alter the pressure levels in the tank. This is a problem, which you must not ignore, because it will only escalate. Kettling often results in leaks to the boiler. A technician will only be able to address this issue quickly.

    Leaking and dripping

    Kettling often leads to leaks and so let us discuss it. The key will be to identify the source of the leak. Is it coming from the boiler tank? Then you have got a major problem because it means that the boiler has begun to corrode. It might require a complete replacement. However, the source of the leak can be a pressure relief valve or pump. The leak may be due to condensation and these things can be handled by professionals repairing a boiler.

    The pilot light could give some concerns

    In some of the recent models of the boiler, the function of the pilot light has changed considerably.  In the earlier boiler models, the operations were simple and you could leave the pilot light on right throughout the day. However, with the advent of technology in boiler manufacturing, things are changing. Some of the latest boiler models use electronic ignition to heat water only when necessary. At times you will be unable to ignite the pilot light on your own and that could be due to the inability to diagnose pilot and ignition system issues. If you are facing this problem, it is best to call over a repair professional.

    There could be no heat from the boiler

    The core function of a boiler is to generate heat and when it does not do that, you are aware that there is a problem at hand. In most instances, the problem has got to do with ignition. There just could be plenty of issues, which may have led to such a state. Here are the details for the reader.

    • A safety switch could be preventing the boiler from staying on for too long.
    • It just could be that a pump is broken.
    • One can check out the thermostat and even that may be broken.

    These are three issues, why your boiler may not be heating properly and it is best to call over a technician to offer a cure.

    These are four common problems, which could occur to the boiler equipment and there is a need for instant boiler repair. This is however not DIY work and you must call over the professionals for the repair.


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