Four Types of Home Emergencies You Should Act Fast On

Man at home dealing with neighbor flood leak

Some household problems only require minor fixes and can sometimes wait until you have the extra funds before you address them, while other issues are more serious and can quickly become emergencies that require speedy and decisive action. If you want to save your home from serious and expensive destruction and your family from harm, you’ll want to act fast to solve the problem if you’re faced with any of these home emergencies.

Indoor Flooding

Indoor flooding can quickly ravage the inside of your home and destroy many of your personal belongings. Electrical hazards could also occur if the water comes into contact with your electrical system. Whether the indoor flooding is caused by heavy rainfall, a flood, a backed-up drain, or a pipe that has burst, you can save your home before the damage becomes too extensive. There are a few options open to you, and a few of them depend on why your home is flooding. This could range from fixing the burst pipe to raising your home higher than a typical flooding water level. You might even look into applying sealants or coatings of sealant to various areas in your home such as the roof, windows, and doors.

HVAC Failure

Any part of your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that fails should be fixed quickly so that the inside of your home doesn’t get too hot or cold with poor air quality. A broken furnace might make it impossible for you to heat the inside of your home, and this can be especially problematic on cold winter days. If your air conditioner is broken, and air conditioning repair service can get your unit working properly again so that you won’t have to deal with stifling conditions in your home when the outdoor temperature rises. Ventilation issues should also be addressed quickly so that you won’t have to breathe in unhealthy air.

Pest Infestation

A few pests likely won’t cause much harm to your home and are in fact just a natural part of life, but a total pest infestation should be treated as a household emergency that should be resolved as soon as possible. Rodents, ants, insects, and other pests can damage your home’s support structures and harm you and your family members by biting and spreading diseases. Pests can also chew through wires and harm your electrical system, which could cause electrical fires.

Gas Exposure

Certain gases that are known to be hazardous to people’s health and even deadly in some cases may be lurking in your home without your knowledge. Carbon monoxide and radon are among the most dangerous gases and are sometimes difficult to detect because they are odorless, tasteless, and invisible to the eye. Testing or monitors installed in your home can reveal if toxic gas is present, and professionals can recommend the steps to take to stop these gases from getting into your air. Carbon monoxide and radon detectors can also be used to alert you if either of these gases is in your home.

There are always going to be problems around your house, however, some are likely to be more pressing than others. These can become serious home-related emergencies, especially if they pose an immediate threat to your health or life. Pests, flooding, gas leaks, and your HVAC system failing are all things you shouldn’t, and often can’t, wait to address. The sooner you act quickly or take steps to be ready for something happening, the better.


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