Get a Sparkling Bathroom with the Help of these Tips!


Having neat and plush bathrooms is truly a luxurious feeling. But there is no harm to have some little glimmer and shimmer out here as well. So, if you are looking for some glittering and sparkling ideas to enhance the beauty of your bathroom, then you have landed on the right page. We’re here to help you achieve this motto and turn your bathroom into a room that gives you the “oh so beautiful” vibes the moment you enter it.

Tips to add a dash of sparkle and shimmer in your bathroom!

You need not have a very large bathroom space to make it look sparkling and shimmering. But even a compact room can look magnificent if you carry out the right tips and tricks for its beautification. So, just follow these tips regardless of the size of your bathroom and add a touch of fairy-tale-like feel to it.

  • Opt for glitter tiles — When you intend to add a touch of sparkle to your floors and walls, then why don’t you go for the glitter tiles? These are available in all sorts of colors like black, red, multicolored patterns, green, and so on. You just need to pick the one that looks really enchanting to you. Now what you need to do is call the professionals from Best Skills for bathroom tiling in Auckland. They’ll expertly lay these kinds of tiles perfectly in your bathroom and enhance the beauty of this room.
  • Choose the right colors — The next step to add pizzazz to the bathroom is by opting for colors that shine. The visual sensation that the metallic colors exude cannot be emulated by solid colors. Inspired by the global fashion runways, today you can have metallic gold or rose gold, copper, silverish grey, chrome or nickel finishes on your walls too – be it by the means of tiles or paint color. If these seem too jazzy for you, even the shades of white and cream are available with metallic undertones to give you space a chic sophistication with a hint of bling.
  • The mirror effect — Mirrors are the best ways to play with the decor of any room. Even if you want to add a little bit of shine and gleam in this place, use the mirrors creatively. You can either go for a designer mirror that has a fine border in sparkling carvings (think of the Victorian era gilded mirror frames encasing Belgian glass – today you can have such ornamental frames in rose gold or silver tones also) or add as many mirrors as you can in the bathroom for a radiant glow.
  • The sparkling light effect — Sometimes even a simple bathroom looks luminous due to the light fixtures that you use. Like if you are going for neon lights, they have a unique tendency to add drama to space. You may even use tiny fairy lights all around for that fairy-tale feel. You may even add a crystal chandelier that would surely add a glittering effect. Play up the lights along with the mirror and stand back to see how your bathroom shines. During the day, the natural light can dance with the mirror to create the same glow.

These are the wholesome ideas to add a touch of sparkle to your bathroom. But if you want more, you can always go for sanitary wares that have metallic accents or faucets in gold or silver or copper shade for that matter. The result of all of these would be a really pleasant-looking bathroom that lights up your mood every time you step in.


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