Good Qualities That a Locksmith Company Should Have


Since looking for a good locksmith company you can trust involves your home’s safety and security, it will require you to be as thorough as possible. There are so many options out there for you to choose from, and randomly picking one will be an extreme risk for you to take. With that said, here are some good qualities that you need to consider:

Locksmith Companies Must Be Properly Licensed and Qualified
Not all locks are made the same. Today, a wide variety of lock types are available in the market. Each of those will have different internal mechanisms, from high-tech keyless entry locks to simple single-cylinder deadbolts. The lock’s metallic components may also vary depending on what kind you have.

Since a locksmith has temporary access to their clients, knowing if they are licensed and have the qualifications when looking for one is important. Doing so ensures you deal with someone who can properly handle your locks without damaging them. Having a locksmithing license also confirms that they are a legitimate business recognized by the public.

Each state has different licensing verifications and requirements to operate as a legitimate company. A locksmith may also be required to have at least two years of apprenticeship before they are allowed to work as one. Some states require new locksmiths to take a test. If you’re already talking to a locksmith company, ask about their licenses to be sure.

You may also want to verify their licenses with the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services website. They work to regulate locksmithing companies and other related industries. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau to learn more about the company you wish to work with.

Locksmith Companies Must Have a Wide Range of Locksmithing Services
Locksmiths can do more than open your doors whenever you’re locked out because you accidentally left your keys inside. Because of that, there is no one-size-fits-all locksmithing company. Certain situations may even require a more specific type of locksmith. Here are some common examples:

  • Residential Locksmiths – These are locksmiths that deal with locks installed in homes, apartments, condominium units, and other residential places. They are also the most common. Besides opening locks for you, they can also install security systems, replace or rekey locks, and other related services.
  • Commercial Locksmiths – Commercial locksmiths are the ones you contact to meet the lock needs of commercial property. Like residential locksmiths, they can also install security systems and repair and replace all types of locks. They can also install access control devices on the property, like card readers, biometric scanners, and more.
  • Automotive Locksmiths – As the name suggests, this type specializes in vehicle locks. Car locks are different from regular door locks. With the invention of remote key fobs and transponders, modern car keys must be reprogrammed to ensure they still work. Automotive locksmiths can also handle problems with the car’s ignition, whether the vehicle requires a physical key or not.
  • Emergency Locksmiths – Since a lock-related accident can happen at any time, there is a need for emergency locksmiths. They typically can do everything that a general locksmith can do. Locksmithing companies that offer this kind of service will advertise that they are readily available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

When looking for the right locksmith, it’s best to research their offered services online thoroughly. Once you get to familiarize yourself with what they can do, you’ll want to keep in touch with them in case you need to solve a particular lock problem.

Locksmith Companies Must Have a Record of Excellent Service and Reviews
One of the easiest ways for you to know if you’re dealing with a reputable company is if they have a well-known track record of legitimate positive reviews. The reviews online can also show you how they handled previous clients. If they liked how the company did its job, they would spread the word about their experiences. You can look into reviews on Google, Yelp, and other social media platforms like Facebook.

Choosing the right locksmithing company doesn’t have to be complicated. If you know what to look for, the process of selecting becomes a breeze.


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