Guide on the Size of Standard Metal Garage

metal garage

The beauty of metal garages and metal buildings is that you may suit them on your specific requirements. When you have your own small family, otherwise you’re a single discern or simply someone residing alone, a small shelter that may fit in a vehicle would suffice. So, you wouldn’t need to shop for something huge and expensive. A one-vehicle garage is all which you want. 

However, people do have confusion approximately their dimensions and features. So allow us to dig deeper around the “standard one car garage size” and other specs.

What is the Size of Standard Metal Garage?

In the end, that depends on the range and size of cars you need to house and on how else you plan to apply your metal garages building. One advantage of selecting metal storage is that it gives you an extraordinary deal of flexibility in phrases of design and dimensions. You could use a metallic storage building for lots more than just parking automobiles!

One Car Dimensions

This one-automobile storage length can comfortably house one automobile at a time. If you intend to park your vehicle, then the width of your one automobile garage no longer needs to be greater than 18′. A 20′ extensive garage is what we recall to be a double automobile metallic garage. For sure, in case you need a few more storage spaces, you should purchase a more oversized one-car garage. 

You can use the garage area to keep your vehicle add-ons, restore tools, and more. At the same time as buying garages, clients usually make the mistake of thinking about just the period and breadth of the garage because those dimensions deliver the entire ground location. However, you need to be careful about its height additionally. Simplest a storage with suitable leg height will accommodate openings, like garage doorways, stroll-in doors, and windows. 

2 Car Garages

Metallic garages for two cars are usually constructed in widths starting from 18′ to 24′. 18, but you’d surely be better off going with a width of at the least 20′. A 24′-extensive garage layout offers even more flexibility. With 2-automobile storage of that length, you may design your custom building to encompass separate garage doors for each car and still have room to insert a stroll-in door among the two bays.

3 Car Garages

Triple garages are typically built in widths between 26′ and 30′. How extensive has your storage been? Begin using noting the size of the automobiles you want to park. Three mid-sized passenger cars will generally fit in 26′-huge triple storage. What if you have three vans to park? In that case, you’ll probably need to study going with 30′-huge triple storage.

Trucks are taller than motors, too, so you’ll need to don’t forget a building that can accommodate a garage door peak of eight′. A nice feature of going with a triple metal garage is that it offers you extra flexibility for the garage and different uses. For example, you may set aside two bays for automobile parking and then reserve the 1/3 bay for additional storage, a particular workshop area, an area for pursuing interests, or something you want!

4 Car Garages

Metallic garages can effortlessly be designed to meet your needs. Remember a 20’w x 50’l x 12’h metallic storage, as an instance. Steel construction of those dimensions can be designed to encompass four eleven’x11′ entry spaces at the facet. Those entries are plenty huge and tall for parking, not just private motors, but tractors and other forms of the system as nicely. This type of quad garage is a flexible solution for domestic, farm, or maybe commercial programs.


As cited above, there’s no fashion in terms of steel garage dimensions. The good aspect about these garages and metal carports is that you can get the form you want with the scale you need. There may be no preferred size.


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