Helium Balloons

Misty Daydream

Helium Balloons Delivery Singapore | Customised Balloons at Misty Daydream

Helium Balloons are a fantastic way to make your event shine and scream out FUN! Whether you’re planning for weddings, birthdays party or baby showers, surprise wedding proposal or corporate events; we offer high quality guaranteed balloons from our team of experts who specialize in designing customised designs that suit any celebration.

They are a small but passionate, dynamic, innovative and fun-loving family. With big dreams and a grand mission, they promise to serve customers better with great party celebration!. Specializes in designing customised balloons in 24 inch bubble helium balloons, 36 inch giant balloons and 16 inch orbz balloons.

We will work closely with customers during the whole process – choosing an appropriate size/shape based off what they want as well providing suggestions when necessary so it’s completely tailored towards them before finalizing everything up including deadlines if needed because everyone has their own theme and each celebration is unique.


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