Here are four effective methods that you can use to get them out of your house


These animals can be kept away by eliminating or closing food supplies, water sources, and prospective possum dwellings. If pet food or trash is left outside overnight, a feast is in order. Make sure no crops are left on the ground if fruit-bearing plants are present on your land. To prevent possums from rummaging through the garbage can, remove these items in sealable trash bags.  Dead Animal Removal Moonee Ponds

  • Protect your home’s exterior entry points; close off chimneys, vents, and any other gaps or openings.

Easy access is provided by open holes. The majority of damage is done after possums are inside houses, barns, or chicken coops. Trim branches, barricade doors, and repair damaged vents or foundation gaps to restrict access. Pet doors should also be sealed because possums occasionally use them to enter homes. Possums are skilled climbers and may easily ascend a tree to a high branch before jumping to land on a roof close to a chimney. Tree branches are more difficult to climb after being pruned. Contact us if you are looking for ‘possum removal near me ‘in Adelaide.

  • Apply a chemical repellent to your garden.

Apply chemical repellents from your neighborhood hardware or home departmental store to the bases of buildings, flowerbeds, and gardens to deter possums. While brands and types of repellents differ, the majority repellents are powders and contain predator urine. They cost a fair amount to buy and have a potent odor. They work well in conjunction with other techniques because they often don’t provide much relief unless applied repeatedly and in large quantities. Although it needs to be sprayed periodically, chilli powder can also be utilised in an emergency.

  • Use electronic repellents to scare possums.

Possums can be startled and scared away by electronic repellents like sprinklers with motion detectors. These repellents are more reliable and environmentally friendly. They can be applied to trees, lawns, barns, entryways, pools, barns, compost bins, and other exterior structures. Wind chimes and lawn lights can also contribute to the unfriendliness of a backyard.

The above methods are time and tested and will help you to get rid of possums as soon as possible. However, if you are unable to get control over them, get in touch with a possum removal Adelaide company.

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