Here is How you can Redesign your Bedroom


Bedrooms are our personal spaces that provide us the same therapeutic effect as therapy. It’s our safe space, our sleeping den, and the room that holds the prime importance of all the rooms that are present in the house. We can do absolutely anything and everything with it, and in a way, it reflects us as a person and our personality that shines among the many. These are the places that provide us a retreat from our daily hustle-bustle. 

Re-designing the bedroom is one way of giving our life a new start. Not only is it providing us the newness but also helping in providing a makeover to your room. Here are a few possible changes and trends that you can choose from, because there is one power that God has behested on our shoulders, and it is the power of choice. 

A bed

Long gone are the days of the old four-legged, simple beds. You can indulge in experimenting with the kind of bed you can have. From an upholstered bed to a flooring one, the choice is all yours. A wall bed can be one of the best kinds to have in your room. Are you someone who likes to walk around the room? Or is looking for some extra space for say exercising or dance? Well, then the wall bed is right for you. 

Not only is it accessible but it provides you the whole room to walk upon, even the one under the bed. It offers one of the best features there are to your room. The best part is, as accessible the best is, it is even easily available in the market. You can easily find a King size wall bed in Sydney, that would make your room look a newer version which is much more spacious and new. 

The windows

The windows impart a very important part to your room. They give you plenty of ways to re-design your safe space. From the curtains to the binds and the window types. If you are someone who wishes to make a big change in your room. You can choose to replace the window with options that are either already available in the market or some other kind.  

Curtains are one of the best ways, you can go for ones that are in color contrast with your room or go for the double-layered ones that let you have your beauty sleep even in the wild afternoon. 

Adding Cushions

You can never have too many cushions. When it comes to cushions, you can always have space for more. Not only are they comfortable but they are comfortable. Try adding different kinds of pillows to your room, of different shapes and kinds. You will be surprised at the new factor they will add to your room and change the appearance of your room

The Lights

A good light can bring a humongous difference in the room’s atmosphere. Having the perfect light can bring you the right happiness. A brightly lit room will make your room look airy and very welcoming. You can choose to have a few lamps or revamp your room’s lighting, such as ceiling fixtures and modern-day lighting. The fairy lights too seem to add an aesthetic to the room decor. You can choose the right lighting in accordance with your room design and type. 

Adding the decor

From a full-blown gallery wall to the addition of plants, it’s all up to you. One of the most convenient ways to give your room a fresh outlook is to use greens. Add a few flowers, or little plants, or could even use the branches that will add a rawness to your rooms. Being light on your budget, it offers a perfect natural element in an indoor space. 

You can put up some fairy lights and decor up the wall with pictures, sketches, music art, and even go for a vanity mirror giving you the best view for yourself. 


Bedrooms mean a lot to everyone, and it hence becomes very important to have them decked up in certain ways for our sakes. Not only are they our personal space but also one which allows us to unwind ourselves with no worry in the world. It hence becomes important to treat them in the right manner. 


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