High Pressure Cleaning: Effective, fast and therefore cheap

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When used professionally on stone surfaces, high-pressure cleaning with the right hot water high-pressure cleaner is still one of the most effective, fastest and therefore cheapest cleaning methods.

High-pressure cleaning as a  cleaning process is carried out in many areas. Depending on the area, a wide variety of high-pressure cleaners are used. A distinction must be made here between mobile and stationary cold water high-pressure cleaners, hot water high-pressure cleaners and high-pressure cleaning systems. In order to ensure the most effective, economical and at the same time gentle high-pressure cleaning of natural stone and concrete stone, we use top-class mobile hot water high-pressure cleaners.

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High pressure Cleaning

Professional high-pressure cleaning for large stone surfaces.

Professional high-pressure cleaning  is an  inexpensive cleaning method ,   even for very large stone surfaces. In order to remove dirt such as moss, weeds, engine oil, chewing gum or cleaning residues from large areas,  medium-sized household high-pressure cleaners  are usually no longer sufficient. Since the acquisition costs for a  professional high-pressure cleaner , which has an output of up to  500 bar working pressure, 1800 liters per hour and 120°C  water temperature, are very expensive, it is always worth hiring a company to do the  high-pressure  cleaning. We offer professional high-pressure cleaning for the following objects.

Areas of application for our high-pressure cleaning

  • Terrace cleaning,  Roof terrace cleaning
  • Cobblestone cleaning
  • Concrete repair
  • Natural stone cleaning
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Oil and Grease Removal
  • Underground car park cleaning
  • Outdoor stone cleaning
  • Weed removal – remove weeds
  • Graffiti removal
  • Lichen, algae and moss removal
  • container cleaning

Cleaning effect of high-pressure cleaners – that’s what matters!

The cleaning effect of a  pressure  washer mainly depends on these three factors. The constant working pressure measured in bar, the water flow rate measured in liters per hour and the maximum water temperature. Compact and mid-range high-pressure cleaners  are mostly used in the private sector. With a working pressure of 80 – 200 bar and up to 900 litres/h, these are well suited for cleaning smaller surfaces and objects.

PrimeCity Contracting and Restoration:

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In the following cities we are providing cleaning with hot water high pressure. Professional hot water high-pressure cleaning in:

  • New York City
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Manhattan
  • Staten Island

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