Home Inspection 101: Essential Home inspection Tips For The Sellers


Home inspections generally sound like something out of a 70’s horror flick, for both parties. If that wasn’t bad enough, the pandemic has further overheated the housing market. That’s reason enough for all sellers to check out the rest of the article for essential tips. Mainly because a home inspection is necessary these days, there’s no need for you to fear one. While your angst is understandable under current circumstances, just follow the tips listed and you should be able to sell your residence in no time at all. Just remember to be upfront and honest with both buyers and inspectors, at all times.

  • Check the roof and the foundation: If you are planning to list your home in the market, then it would be a good idea to go in for a home inspection in Pasco county. The first thing that you would need to do is to check the exterior grounds as well as the roof, just to make sure that there’s no sagging roof or loose shingles. Double-check the foundation and make sure that it has not been affected by any water seepage. But just make sure that you are upfront with both the inspector and the buyer regarding any issues that you are bound to come across.
  • Drainage: Poor or inadequate drainage is often the number one problem when it comes to home inspections. And that’s all the more reason as to why you may want to pay attention to the same. Always make sure that there is no standing water on the grounds and that the property drains properly after a heavy downpour, as this could lead to more issues. Just make sure that the downspouts lead away from the main home, as this should limit any water seepage, during heavy downpours. it is generally recommended that your downspouts are 3*4 inches as this is the right type to handle a heavy volume of water, especially during a downpour.
  • Remove the clutter: It is always a good idea to remove the clutter from one’s residence, before any home inspection. A clutter-free home should enable the inspector to review the home faster. More than that, a home that’s clutterless should provide the inspector with a good opinion regarding the rest of your home. And that’s why before you go in for a home inspection, 
  • Make sure that the floors are on level: When checking out the rest of your residence, you’ll need to check and ensure that the floors are even and on the level. There could be various reasons for the floor to develop cracks or not remain on level – they could be anything from water damage, rotten joists to construction fault lines. And one of the easiest ways to make sure that all your floors are level is to use marble. Just place it on the floor and if it rolls on its own, then it is uneven and not on the level. You’ll have to get this checked out immediately.
  • Pay attention to the whole property: The first thing that you need to understand is that as long as the inspection is concerned, the inspector in question will evaluate the whole property and not just the interior of your home. So make sure you take an objective appraisal of your home, and the exterior of the property as well

These are the important points that home sellers need to review and follow through accordingly


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