Home Maintenance 101: How To Turn Your Attic Into Bedroom?


In case you’re looking to add space & value to your home, then converting your attic into a bedroom can prove to be a nice & fun experience. However, just like any other home maintenance project, it’s essential to plan first before opting for the same, so that you don’t face any hurdles along the way. 

Thus, in this extensive blog post, we’ll be sharing all the important things that you want to know before you proceed to convert your attic space into a nice & cozy bedroom. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the process right away.

Techniques To Follow When Converting Your Attic Into A Bedroom

  1. Plan Everything

According to a home inspector in Brampton, the first step should be to take proper measurements of your entire attic space and then proceed to make plans based on the available area. In case your attic is vaulted, then you have to consider the vaulted ceiling when trying to arrange your room. In that way, you’ll be able to use space efficiently. 

On the other hand, if your attic doesn’t have a window, then you have to make arrangements for the same because a bedroom without windows can be claustrophobic. Furthermore, you also have to consider the placement of your attic staircase as well as the placement of furniture inside your attic bedroom. 

Note: In case you’re adding windows, then don’t forget to mark out the exact area where you want your windows to be placed. Moreover, cut out the correct size too. 

  1. Create Your Budget

Once you’re done with your planning, you have to consider the type of items & materials you’ll need to construct your attic bedroom. And once you do that, you’ll be able to easily create the required budget for the project. Try to make provisions for an increase in the price of materials, such as 10 percent over the actual budget. In that way, you can be ready for any inflation costs. 

If you don’t plan your budget, then you may encounter unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, when you’re making the budget, don’t forget to list out the desired features and materials you need, so that you don’t forget any crucial element. 

Besides, if you’re planning to make any structural alterations, then make sure to include them in your budget list too. 

  1. Create A Frame

It’s impossible to hang drywall without using a frame. Thus, try to use a 1 by 2-inch framing lumber and then create a proper frame so that you can stick your drywall inside your attic. The shape of your house’s roof will eventually dictate the kind of frame that you need to construct. 

If you want, you can also add insulation between the frame joists. Furthermore, don’t forget to reinforce the attic floor so that it can create a strong floor for your attic bedroom. 

  1. Apply Finishing Touches

Once you’ve placed your frame, you can apply your drywall and then proceed to paint & furnish your attic. Firstly, you need to seal your attic with the help of drywalling. Then you have to add your baseboards and door frames. And once the drywall putty is dry, then you can use your paintbrushes & roller to paint your favorite wall paint color. 

After you’ve completed all the above-mentioned actions, you only have to figure out a way to get your furniture into your attic bedroom and you’ll be set for the bedroom usage. 

Additional Suggestion

In case your home is old, then it would make sense to opt for an attic inspection before you start converting it into your bedroom. This is because if there are repairs that need to be done, the same could be completed before going ahead with the project.

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