Home Ready for a Big Move


Home Ready for a Big Move

Making preparations for a significant move to a brand new house may be overwhelming initially. Still, it can be a pleasant and successful experience with the proper practice.

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Evaluate Everything

Moving into a new house is an excellent opportunity to take the time to review your lifestyle and surroundings. Unfortunately, people tend to keep things like furniture, souvenirs, and clothing without thinking about whether they desire the item. Although we are big fans of furniture, obviously (being in the business and operating our home-living furnishings stores located in NJ over the last 15 years), we are avid supporters of keeping only items you use and want.


As you are beginning to transition into your new residence, it’s the ideal time to look over everything accumulated in your current home.


You purchase the latest hat but don’t throw away the three which aren’t worn anymore because it’s no longer the top priority. Instead, you go through magazines and store the ones for later reading. It is now two years since you’ve been able to read them one time. As I mentioned, evaluate every aspect of your life. Moving is the perfect moment to assess yourself regarding what’s within your home because you are in love with it and what’s cluttering up your space.


The items that aren’t loved and appreciated can be donated or sold to help ease the transition. If you notice things you’ve stored because they’re functional but don’t fill you with joy when you are around them and aren’t bringing you joy, it might be an appropriate time to make changes.


It’s not always about purchasing a brand new item (despite the fantastic feeling of moving furniture). Sometimes the ease of clearing out unnecessary items gives the impression of a new life, being less emotional and visual clutter. You may, however, find that when you have removed the chaos of your present house, you choose to commit to filling your new home with things that will make you feel more content by their presence.


Upgrade with a Purpose

Many people begin their adult life with the furniture of their family and friends who’ve chosen to review their possessions and make changes to their possessions. If this is where the table you have is from, it’s probably not an accurate representation of your style.


If the house to which you’re moving is more significant, then it might be time to think about buying more oversized furniture. For instance, the Ashley Furniture O Kean Sectional with Sleeper Sofa shown in the photo is a stunning piece that will provide plenty of luxurious seating space for the new house you’re moving into. In addition, it comes with the additional benefit of folding it into a queen-sized mattress for your guests.


Ashley Furniture O Kean Queen Sleeper Sofa


One of the significant aspects of upgrading furniture in the course of moving is having someone else take the old furniture out and then bring the new furniture into your new residence. When you donate to a charity, they’ll usually arrange to collect larger objects. If you are selling or gifting furniture, it is up to those who will be the owners to organize their furniture from your house to their home. If you decide to purchase new furniture, you can ask to deliver it to the new location.


In the process of evaluating and cleaning out your current home, you may have gotten rid of large quantities of books, clothing as well as kitchen equipment, and old toys. Do not improve the areas listed above until you are settled in the new house. This will minimize the effort needed to relocate between homes.

After you have completed the process of reviewing everything you own and deciding which you want to change or remove, it’s time to start planning the packing process. It’s tempting to tackle each room in turn and then put everything in the box. But when the rooms of the new house do not match exactly, this could cause more work and even frustration.

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Instead, take the time to look at the floorplan of your new home and determine what each room will be utilized to serve. For example, do you think the bedroom will be converted into an office space with a massive desk for writing and large shelves? If so, it’s more sensible to remove all office-related objects and books out of every room and put them in a box with a label indicating they are part of the new office.

Utilize this method for all packing. For example, if the toys are stored in a family room, but are to be relocated to the child’s bedroom following the move, pack them apart from other household items and mark each box with the name of your child. This will make it easier to identify where each box needs to be placed during the relocation process and make the packing and finding of the items simple.


Moving to a new place is an exciting venture. It’s not easy, but it can lay the foundation of a beautiful new home that is designed to build the perfect environment and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.



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