Home Remedies To Control Harmful Cockroaches

Home Remedies To Control Harmful Cockroaches

If you are disgusted with the sight of cockroaches now and then, you will have to consider taking some important steps. If you think that you want to use several home remedies to control harmful cockroaches then here are a few that will surely help you. Just go through them and find the right solutions. Having cockroaches in your home can be worrisome and so get the solutions quickly. If you want to order cockroach pest control then you should go ahead with the same.

If you want some home remedies then read on

Using boric acid over the cockroach will show it the way out of your home

If you are wondering what to do when you see a cockroach in your home then you must sprinkle some boric acid over the cockroach. This will ensure that the cockroach will either die or will move out of your house. This is one of the most effective home remedies that you can try.

Keep the drainage clean

You must keep your drainage system clean. This will ensure that there is proper cockroach control. If the drain has pests and cockroaches and you just let it be as it is then these pests will enter your home. So, make it a point to do drain cleaning at regular intervals. It is also important that you remove the garbage properly and do not let it accumulate in your home and the storage areas.

Keep the cockroaches away with peppermint oil

You must use peppermint oil in water and pour it into the spray bottle. Now, you should spray this in almost all the corners of your home. This home remedy will prove to be useful for you. Before you are calling professional pest treatment services for cockroach control, you can try using these home remedies and check if the results are coming or not.

Keep dried bay leaves in the corners of the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the leading places where there would be cockroach problems. All you must do is keep dried bay leaves in the corners of the kitchen. This will ensure that there is proper cockroach control.

Quickly repair water leaks or avoid dampness in the area

You must remove the prominence of damp areas in your home. So, for that, you should check whether there are any water leaks or not. By removing the dampness and humidity in your premise, you will see that automatically you will be able to control the prominence of cockroaches in your home.


Using these home remedies can make your life better. So, all you need to do is find out how cockroaches can create trouble in your area. Before the trouble strikes, you need to take the relevant measures. This will help you for sure and it can make your life easy. Cockroaches can cause a lot of harm and so you must get rid of them. Do this quickly and get out of trouble.


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