Home Services App Development: Simple Guide to Launch an On-demand Home Services App in 2021

Launch an On-demand Home Services App in 2021

Hey! As per the latest trend, on-demand services are reporting increased user adoption rates. While our lives are paired with hectic schedules, we hardly find time to look after our household chores. If one needs to fix a leaking tap, then he/she can book the plumber through the home services app and get it fixed. One and done! In the upcoming years, on-demand home services will claim huge popularity among people. With this forecast, let us start the foundation for your business.

This blog will stem you with intricate details regarding the home services app development. I am sure that the content will not bore you instead cheer you. 

Why Do People Pay Heed To On-Demand Home Services?

  • Higher Level Of Convenience

The level of convenience the on-demand home services apps provide is beyond measurement. Users can simply open the app, pick a service provider, and it’s done! The service provider will knock at the door within a few hours. Since this being the case, the more is the attraction towards on-demand services.

  • Budget-friendly

Generally, online services are way cheaper than traditional services. It is even applicable for shopping. All of us would have done price comparisons before buying mobile phones from online and stores. We definitely go for online shopping. Similarly, online home services are relatively cheaper than traditional services.

  • Payments made easy

No more bargaining between your users and service providers. The app will display the fare of the service once the user books the service providers. Users can pay for the service providers via the payment gateways integrated into the app. So, tell me, aren’t payments made easy?

  • Flexibility

One of the highest benefits of on-demand services is flexibility. With the schedule option present in the app, users can book the service in advance. All they have to do is, freeze a date/time according to their convenience. Based on the reservation, the service provider will go to the user’s location and do the needful. Additionally, this will save time, as users don’t have to wait for the service providers.

Therefore, the on-demand services apps are absolutely user-friendly. Until now, we have been taking a look at the benefits proffered by on-demand services for users. Next, let us unearth the benefits of launching an on-demand services app for businesses.

How Businesses Will Benefit From On-demand Services Apps?

  • Better exposure

Gaining better exposure to one’s business is what all the businesspersons will long for. In the era of the IoT, people have completely migrated to online services leaving traditional services abandoned. Additionally, smartphones added more fuel to the increased usage of the internet. So, without a shred of doubt, you will gain better visibility to your services.

  • Marketing 

With the aid of an on-demand services app, you can directly promote your services. You can send promotional messages in the shape of push notifications. Other than that, you can also send out newsletters to users. 

  • Brand awareness

Brand awareness for your services can be easily achieved through referral schemes. Here, your existing customers will share the invite link to people they know. If a new person joins the app based on the invite link sent by the existing user, then that existing user must be rewarded with a bonus. On the whole, building brand awareness is a cakewalk.

  • Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management is the pillar of your business. Through an on-demand services app, you can assist your customers constantly without missing out on any. The app has in-app chat/call features that will let you provide uninterrupted customer service.

  • Analytics

Nowadays, almost every app comes with an analytics dashboard. And so in the on-demand services app. As an admin of the app, you can monitor your customer’s preferences and frame a marketing strategy accordingly. The analytics will capture the smallest of the smallest activity by the customer.

Statistics That Add Proof To The Growth Of On-Demand Services

  • In reference to the U.S. market, the share of home services is 600 billion USD.
  • The growth of on-demand services is expected to reach 1574 billion USD by the year 2024.
  • Among the multiple home services available, repairing, salon, plumbing, are the popular services preferred by users.
  • Among the users of on-demand home services, around 42% of them wish to book services via online platforms.

Like any other business, the on-demand home services business also holds different types of business models. Yes, we will be covering them in the upcoming section.

Types Of Business Models In On-Demand Home Services

  1. Transaction-based model
  2. Subscription-based model
  3. Lead-based model
  4. Full-stack model
  • Transaction-based model

The transaction-based model is synonymous with the commission-based model. For instance, your app is a platform where multiple home services providers congregate. To be more clear, your app will list various home service providers and allow users to book their favourite service providers. Here, for every booking or transaction, you will receive a transaction fee from the concerned service provider.

  • Subscription-based model

Here, users will avail of subscription plans instead of making payments each time they avail of a service. Mostly, people opt for subscriptions as they can pay a certain amount and avail themselves of the services without any interruptions.

  • Lead-based model

The lead-based model is one of the interesting yet beneficial business models for all the stakeholders. Here, different service providers on your app will post bid amounts for their services. Users can place bids on different services by doing the comparison. 

  • Full-stack model

In contrast to the transactional model, here you will own all the services. To be more specific, you may run a home services business and list those services on the app. Users will book the services and you will send the service providers to their place. Of all, you can enjoy the total revenue generated from the business.


Finally, we have reached the conclusion. Never in the future, the on-demand home services will diminish. Instead, the need for home services will keep surging. Therefore, it is wise to go for developing the Gojek clone app through which you can extend multiple home services.


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