House Extension: Exploring the Important Aspects of the Project

House Extension Exploring the Important Aspects of the Project

House extension is an exciting new project to enhance the visual appeal of your home while increasing the storage. It requires resources and expertise for the successful implementation of your detailed plan. However, not every house owner has the expert knowledge to build a house extension or initiate any other construction.

Still, you don’t want to rely entirely on the words of the builder for heavy investment in the house. You can take help from the neighbors who built an extension in the recent past. Or, the internet is filled with articles and online communities to guide you through the process. Here, we have discussed some important aspects of building an extension in the house to avoid unnecessary expenses and save money.

Financial Aspect of House Extension

House extension is an expensive project if you hire a service provider to take care of the project. It will require building material, workers, and decoration for the inside. However, you can control the cost with a simple design.

Moreover, you should avoid the exorbitantly priced materials for durable yet elegant items. Many people go the DIY route to complete some tasks on themselves to save worker costs. However, you should avoid tasks that may cause serious injuries or even dangerous outcomes.

For the overall cost, you should start saving at least a year to pay every bill without financial help from outside. Though, it is common to take quick loans in Ireland for these projects. You must have a credit line to get instant funds for some unexpected expenses.

How to Build Home Extension by Yourself?

It would be best if you did not try to build the entire home extension by yourself. As mentioned above, there are tasks involved in the project that can cause serious consequences. Still, many tasks are available for people with a desire to display their creativity or save money.

Internal Joinery

You need woodwork inside the extension to store items or enhance their visual appeal. A person with average DIY skills can start with timber stud partition. However, getting the job done in time to let the electrician fix the cabling is essential.

The door liner installation is also a task for people with simple tools in the garage to display their skills. Moreover, you can cut and fix the architraves and skirting boards in the later stage of construction. Remember, some of these processes come with a deadline to not impact the schedule of other tasks and workers.

  • Flooring

Numerous alternatives are available for the house owners to decide the flooring of the extension. Each flooring comes with the different property and looks to provide a stable base for its items. Therefore, you should consider durability equally crucial to the appearance of the flooring.

A temporary platform for builders is recommended to avoid damage to the flooring. Moreover, it is not easy to complete the ground floor by yourself because of the complicated screeding and insulation. Instead of creating a mess of the flooring, you should take a direct lender for instant loans in Ireland to cover the cost of labor and raw material for the ground floor.

  • Decoration

You can take charge of the decoration to design the interior of the house extension. It will test your creativity skills to define the theme of the new block. You need to find the right combination to give the perfect finishing touch.

The decoration items are readily available on the internet, with many marketplaces offering an extensive collection. Moreover, you can use AR technology to try the selected items virtually in the space. Used furniture and decorative items are a cheaper alternative to reduce the overall budget of the decoration.

  • Tiling

You can spend some time deciding the floor and wall tiling with a DIY project. It requires a logical mindset combined with dexterity to get the job done. Though, it will require sharp cutting tools or machines to complete the project.

You will have plenty of time to plan and work on the tiling of the house extension. The outcome is not solely dependent on your work. A smooth surface is ideal, and the irregularities because of the incompetence of others will create a problem with the tiling process.

Benefits of Building Home Extension

A house extension has many benefits to the value of your house and standard of living. The value of your house will increase in the real estate market if the extension adds significant space to the property. However, you should consult a real estate agent to get the right idea about returning from investment.

Other benefits of building an extension include more space to live in the same house. You don’t have to move to a more significant estate that will cost considerably more than the extension. Also, the extra space is provided within a few days or weeks based on your plan.

Legal permission from the authority to build the extension is not required in every case. You can build the house without asking for approval if the proposed space is small and the design is simple. We recommend you take opinions from the local experts or authority before starting a project to avoid significant legal problems.


To sum up, building an extension is a useful project to add more space and value to your house. Though, it is near impossible to finish the entire task by yourself. You should try to save money with the DIY tasks to reduce the dependency on the construction workers.


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