How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

According to a recent survey, there will be 258 billion app downloads by 2022 globally. Thus, the figure tells us that more business owners (including you) will incline towards app development and hire a reputable mobile app development company to develop a unique app.

The mobile app development landscape has indeed grown a lot in the past few years, and since artificial intelligence (AI) came into power, it has completely changed everything. 

Before it gets too late, you should also realize that AI has the power to transform your app in the best possible way. If you want to know how Artificial Intelligence is transforming mobile app development, read this blog till the end.

Here, I have handpicked 7 ways of telling how AI is used in apps. So, what are you hanging on to? Let’s start reading the blog, starting with the nitty-gritty of artificial intelligence.

Let’s go!

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (aka AI) is a computer science category that focuses on building smart machines that can act (or think) like humans.

In other words, it leverages computers (and devices) to ease the human workload (like problem-solving and easy decision-making).

AI solves the problem by using real-time data and stimulates the human intelligence process through computer systems. Machines (like computers) are fed with the user’s data that later acts like them.

How Is AI Changing the App Development Landscape?

Artificial intelligence is dramatically changing the app development panorama by easy identification and improved facial features.

In other terms, it is completely changing the way humans interact with their smart devices and enhancing the user experience.

Moreover, AI-based chatbots and virtual assistants minimize the human workload. For instance, mobile applications can tell what a user is looking for (based on their past searches) and analyze the data that can get missed from a human’s naked eye.

7 Ways How AI Is Beneficial for Mobile App Development

  • Empowering Search Engines

How is AI beneficial for mobile app development? Well, the first advancement that came to my notice was search engine enhancement.

When a person is tired, s/he doesn’t even like to lift a finger. Therefore, voice search plays a huge role that easing the workload. Google already has an AI-based solution called lens that provides all the details of the product by clicking a picture. 

Also, there is a virtual assistant that can search anything for you effortlessly. For instance, you can now say Okay Google (or Hey Siri) to find a nearby restaurant and find directions as well. 

  • Predictive Text Suggestion

AI has taken some amazing turns that have enabled machines to act (and think) like human beings.

Now, it has evolved so much that artificial intelligence can even predict text suggestions. Yes, you read it right. The prediction is based on past experiences, the context of other words, or the first letters. 

In other words, it is a time saver as it suggests the words that a user would like to use. Also, it reduces the manual work for checking spellings as predictive texts also take care of the errors.

  • Language Translation in Real-Time

Artificial intelligence in mobile apps has another exciting feature of translating the language in real-time.

Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can still change the language smoothly because of the AI translators. Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) integration in applications automatically change the language with zero human input.

Machine learning has designed modern algorithms that do the effortless translation. Also, you can now get in touch with people across different countries with AI-based translators.

  • App Authentication

With AI, your app gets better security and authentication monitored in real-time using the latest technologies like machine learning and blockchain.

These advanced technologies eliminate the risk of any threat by learning (or monitoring) the user’s behavior to create an accurate profile for an offered user’s login patterns. Moreover, it tracks the devices and checks IP addresses and network connections.

In simpler terms, it assures the customer identity, offers more than two-factor authentication layers (2FA), offers effective cyber solutions, and more.

  • Emotion Recognition

Are you still wondering how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming mobile app development? Well, it is changing in ways that you cannot even imagine.

AI now also does the emotional recognition that reads human emotions. It uses audio data interpretation and the latest image processing.

Moreover, it does voice intonation by apprehending the human senses and focuses on different speech signals combined with the changing facial expressions technology.

For example, the emotion recognition feature introduced by AI technology plays the song as per the user’s mood.

  • Better Security with Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is not new in the realm of artificial intelligence in mobile apps. However, now it does have better security measures that can identify the person’s face even in dim light or with spectacles on.

Artificial intelligence has added new algorithms (and features) that instantly search the face database and act accordingly.

It also prevents the children from not giving them access to explicit content and also predicts the cybersecurity threat. Moreover, AI has become so advanced that it also identifies the patient’s symptoms by facial recognition.

  • Recommendation Services

Do you still want to know how AI is used in mobile apps? Well, it provides recommendation services as well.

If you want your users never to leave your app, never get tired of offering them the relevant content. The advanced technologies of AI gather the user’s data (like their preferences or choices) and store them in a learning algorithm that later makes recommendations.

Recommendation services are used in Netflix, Amazon, or eCommerce applications. Consequently, it drives more traffic, increases the order value, engages buyers, and whatnot.

The Bottom Line

So, how is AI beneficial for mobile app development? All the above-mentioned points tell clearly how artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of app development. 

Artificial Intelligence has undoubtedly changed the way humans interact with machines. Therefore, if you want to increase the downloads for your application, incorporate the latest AI technologies with your app for better user engagement. 

Also, which benefit you liked like the most offered by artificial intelligence and why?


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