How can I hide the edges of Composite Decking?

How can I hide the edges of Composite Decking?

A composite decking complements your yard’s scenery and offers your garden or grass a nice appearance. Composite decking is great, and it outperforms other types of decking. As a result, it is frequently used by homeowners to deck their outside areas. Decking construction technologies have evolved in recent years as homeowners seek decks that can both preserve and enhance their landscape. This makes deck owners more aware of the textures and colors of their decks, as well as the way deck edges are constructed. When viewed from the side, the rough decking edges distort the appearance of the deck.

Different ways to hide the edges

Improvements have been made, as well as many strategies for concealing the deck edges. When you utilize one of those ways to cover the edges of your decks, the edges will match the top beautifully. You may even make the border of your decking a different color than the top to make it more attractive. Using the picture frame approach to conceal the margins of a composite deck is one option. Trimming the margins of your decks is another option for hiding them. Painting the side is the third option.

Using the Picture Frame Method

Using the Picture Frame Method 

Picture framing is the technique of installing a decking board around the frame of your decking. This is because once completed, the frame on which the decks will be mounted will resemble the framework of a picture frame. It’s worth noting that this strategy may cost you extra money because you’ll need to acquire additional cards. Furthermore, in order to get a satisfactory finish, this method of covering your deck’s edges necessitates careful preparation.

The deck board will be fastened to the frame at the edges and elevated slightly to allow the height of the decks once the frame has been covered with them. how to conceal the margins of an outdoor deck Instead of the rough edges of your decks, this outer board will be apparent when the decking is viewed from afar. You may start installing the decks once you’ve covered the perimeter of your decking with boards that run around it. The decks are simple to install, and you can use either surface or concealed fasteners. The picture frame approach has the advantage of improving the appearance of your decking. This helps to make up for the additional money you spent on the photo frames. Also, because the frame does not obstruct the passage of dirt from the deck, it is simple to brush objects off the surface.

Using Trims 

Using trims differs from the picture frame approach in that it entails covering the margins of your decking with a composite decking board. It’s similar to hide the borders of your house roof with a timber board so that the planks used to build the roof are hidden. Covering the border of your komposittrall with this approach is less expensive than using a picture frame. All you’ll need is a matching color board to the place where you wish to cover. Trims are also useful for adding steps to the side of your decking.

Painting the Decking Side

Painting the Decking Side 

Painting is another option for concealing the rough edges of your composite decking. Composite Warehouse recommends this procedure since it is inexpensive. It’s best to use decent latex paint for this project. It will give the edges of your trädäck a nice polish, and the color of the paint will match the decks. The paint is also weather resistant and does not fade as soon as other paints.


Building your decking using the picture frame approach, adding trims to complete the sides, and painting the edges with paint are all options for hiding the edges of your composite deck.


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