For productive work flow and to avoid hiring hassles, IT companies outsource talent across the globe. Famous IT outsourcing methods can be addressed as managed IT services, complete process outsourcing, on-shore/off-shore outsourcing, and IT staff augmentation.


  • According to Mordor Intelligence, the IT Outsourcing industry may witness a CAGR of 4.5% from 2021 to 2026.
  • According to Statista, IT Outsourcing revenue in 2021 was USD 359,832.3 million. It is said to reach USD 551,956.3 million by 2026.

IT staff augmentation


The approach of IT Staff augmentation defines ways to strategize the hiring of skilled IT professionals. Also, it deals with filling up both temporary and permanent positions.


It furnishes businesses with opportunities to select candidates who are a perfect fit for your needs. Additionally, it extends the augmented team whenever required.


In staff augmentation, outsourcing is performed with the help of an external service provider. They can connect with the in-house team on a contract basis. Further, this approach helps in gauging the capabilities of existing staff. Additionally, it states the requirements of skills.


Benefits of staff augmentation


With professional staff augmentation services, you can achieve cutting-edge resources based on your requirements. In addition, IT staff augmentation lets businesses access a lot of benefits, as stated below.


  • IT staff augmentation fills the gap to find you professionals with specific and required skills.
  • With IT staff augmentation, you get top skills on demand.
  • Unlike a regular system, IT staff augmentation allows a more elevated productivity level.
  • The staff can focus on a specific project with 100% effectiveness.
  • Staff augmentation enables cost reduction with high efficiency.
  • It is easier to scale rapidly with staff augmentation, allowing to get new employees faster with fewer efforts.
  • The expert staff augmentation can let you access a pool of talented candidates.


Tips for building IT staff augmentation team


The right IT staff augmentation partner can help you get flexibility, innovation, and agility.


  • Additionally, you can reduce operational costs by 50%.


The following are four essential tips to keep in mind while expanding your team with IT staff augmentation.


Choose the correct vendor.

Select a partner that offers you in-house or remote developers according to your requirements. First, it is essential for you to list down your expectations. Moreover, the right partner will harness your organization’s growth with suitable candidates.


Define a team structure

With staff augmentation, the vendor can control all organizational and administrative tasks. Therefore, your organization can focus on more important responsibilities. Additionally, it is easier to augment appropriate staff with the required skills when you define a proper team structure. Also, make sure to unite with your augmented team in a similar manner you connect with your in-house professionals.


Maintain a balance with your remote and offline team.

It is essential to have a team with a zen for work. To build an efficient team, enhance the communication with both remote and offline groups. Moreover, you need to ensure remote developers feel the effect of being included in a team.


Consistent communication

Communication is the key to success while working with the augmented team. As you get a group or individual focusing on your project entirely, it is vital to have clear communication to avoid any conflicts. A transparent way of communication will enable rapid and compelling feedback, further improving productivity.


Orion eSolutions’ adept IT staff augmentation services

Orion eSolutions is one of the talented solution providers catering to various industries with its noble services. Additionally, it offers multiple benefits that include digital transformation, IT staff augmentation, backend and frontend services, full-stack development, DevOps consulting, and much more.


Some exciting IT staff augmentation statistics by Orion eSolutions are as below.


  • IT staff augmentation can reduce development costs by 45%.
  • With our knowledge and experience, you can access the leading 5% of the talent.

We provide a polished strategy to let you access the ocean of talent. In addition, we insist on getting clear communication to fill in the skill gap precisely. Furthermore, we focus on enhancing your functionality.



IT staff augmentation can benefit your business by maximizing operational efficiency. Connect with us for sound and professional business solutions.


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