How Much Does It Cost to Install a Grease Trap?

Grease trap cleaning service

If you are in Ireland and currently planning to invest in a new business, then investing in the food industry is a great option. Opening a café or a restaurant will financially benefit you a lot. But when it comes to the investment of eatery business, getting the right place and location, curating the perfect menu and serving excellent food and service are not the only factors that you will have to consider. You will have to make another notable and recurring investment to running your business smoothly. And that is installing a grease trap and hiring a regular grease trap cleaning service.


Why Grease Trap is Necessary for a Business?

When you are running an eatery, you are running a commercial kitchen behind the scene. There will be many dishes cooked every day. A lot of FOG(fats, oils and grease) will be produced. And you need the right waste management system so that this FOG doesn’t go in the city sewer system and contaminate the water.

That is where the greasetrap will be coming into the picture. When you are starting your eatery, you will have to hire a company like Greaseco and invest in a quality greasetrap. It will be accumulating all the FOG and releasing only water in the city sewer. The grease and oil that will be stored in this chamber need to be cleaned. And that is why you need to hire an agency that will be offering grease trap cleaning and maintenance regularly so that the chamber remains operative and functional for a long time.


Now, if you are considering getting a grease trap, you are probably searching for a greasetrap price. The price or the money that you will have to invest depend on a lot of things. Take a look.


  • Size and Capacity

A grease trap comes in various sizes and capacities. Depending on the individual requirements of the business, you can get the grease trap. Now, when you are opening a restaurant, a café r a cloud kitchen, there will be a particular amount of diners you will be catering to. Depending on that, you will have to get the right type of greasetrap that will be suitable for your business. It will hold the amount of waste produced in your kitchen. The bigger the size will be, the price will be more.


  • Quality

You surely don’t want to invest in greasetraps frequently. That is why you need to make sure that you will buy high-quality material. The material will serve you for a long time. You need to go for high-quality high-grade stainless steel. Make sure that it is corrosion resistant and doesn’t break easily. Also, check that the manufacturer and the supplier are providing a guarantee on your grease trap for at least one year. At the same time, you will require the approval of the Dublin City Council in Ireland.


  • How Often Do You Get It Cleaned

Now, even if this is not related to the cost of one grease trap, it is an indirect factor that will determine how much you are spending on your grease trap. Clean the grease trap regularly once installed. The thumb rule is that the trap should be cleaned every three months. Or clean it when 25% of the grease trap will be full. If you don’t clean it regularly, it will cause the trap to stop functioning by blocking the outlets with a solid form of FOG which is difficult to clean if remained that way for several months or a year. Also, no matter how high-quality material is used, this will cause corrosion. Hence, you will have to invest in a new grease trap even before you get the worth of the previous one. And that cost will be higher for your business than regular grease trap cleaning cost.


So, consider these factors, get quotes from different agencies for the greasetrap price. Choose the one that suits you the best.


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