How Oracle Cloud Applications Will Scale Your Business Growth?



Recently, Oracle has become the worlds leading technology company, as it offers effective database solutions. Moreover, with the help of Oracle products, companies can identify and implement accurate solutions to optimize all aspects of any business organization. In recent times, more than 400,000 companies around the world show their trust in Oracle with their business. Therefore, companies like Siemens, FedEx, and Toyota use Oracle products and services to enhance their performance.


In the present scenario, Oracle has become the most demanding database service platform with a relational database management system. With the Oracles RDMS (Relational Database Management System), you can access all types of data models. In addition, it has various product editions like Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition, Express Edition, and Personal Edition. Hence, you can choose the most preferred edition as per your requirements. Therefore, Oracle has proven to be the most effective, scalable, and stable database service platform with high-performance capabilities. Recently, it has become a promising career path that offers you great career opportunities. So if you want to join this field as a professional, you will require to receive the Oracle Online Training certification. With this, you will become an expert in this technology and help you validate your skills and knowledge. 

Key Features of Oracle:

To become an expert and develop all the essential skills, you need to get familiar with the features of the Oracle database. Thus, let us look at the unique and most important features of Oracle:

  • Scalability and Performance: 

Oracle database provides critical features such as Real Application and Portability, that help in scaling the database. In addition, it offers a multi-user database and helps in controlling data consistency and concurrency.

  • Availability: 

As you know, real-time applications need higher data availability. Thus, Oracle’s high-performing computer environment provides data availability all the time. In addition, this data can be used during the time of planned and unplanned failures and downtime.

  • Backup and Recovery: 

It provides users with enhanced and improved recovery features to regain data from every kind of failure. In case of any failure, the Oracle database will recover immediately and let you safeguard your data. 

  • Security: 

Almost all the technologies related to databases require excellent and extensive Data Security features. As a result, Oracle provides a unique mechanism to control the usage and access of data. 

Oracle Cloud Applications:

Oracle has become more than a database solution for companies, but it also makes Oracle Cloud Applications. In addition, this is a complete set of applications within the cloud that provides uniform processes and data. With the help of SaaS applications, you can manage the most important areas of business such as supply chain management, resource planning, and human capital management. Due to their unique features, these Oracle cloud applications have become popular with top-notch enterprises. Therefore, let us look at some of the most important Oracle cloud applications available in the market:

  • ERP– You can manage a project, finances, risks, and company performance, and keep track of the supply chain and manufacturing processes using a single platform. 
  • SCM– The Oracle Fusion Cloud SCM mainly aims to improve supply chain management. With this application, you can connect different supply networks with a combined set of integrated business applications. Hence, by using this application, you can handle operations like inventory management, supply chain planning, order management, manufacturing, Logistics, and many more.
  • HCM- This cloud application mainly focuses on human capital management and provides effective solutions. Moreover, you can manage processes like hiring, retirement, payroll, training, and HR analysis.
  • Advertising and Customer Experience- With the help of these interconnected applications, you will become more productive than any other mainstream CRM. The primary focus is to effectively manage, facilitate, and increase the connection with customers. Hence, you can manage important aspects like advertising, sales, marketing, commerce, and services.


Finally, you will see how many top-notch multinational enterprises make effective use of the Oracle database system. Hence, you can store the essential data without any hassle or difficulty. As a result, it has proven to become the most popular and trusted database server. In addition, by using the Oracle database, Therefore, it has become important to make effective use of database management systems specially designed for computing and organizations. So, if you want to become a professional in this field, Oracle Training in Noida will provide you with the best learning experience. Thus, you need to have the proper training to master the advanced concepts of Oracle and get familiar with its framework. 


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