How Should the Ground Be Prepared for Composite Decking?

How Should the Ground Be Prepared for Composite Decking?

It is a fantastic idea to build a deck in your garden. When it comes to decking, though, there are various factors to consider. To begin, you must pick a long-lasting decking material, such as composite decking. Aside from that, you must carefully arrange your decking. Preparing the location in which you will build your deck is an important part of the planning process. How Should the Ground Be Prepared for Composite Decking?

Foundations for Composite Decking

Foundations for Composite Decking

The type of foundation you intend to utilize will determine how you prepare the ground for your composite decking. Decking foundations come in two varieties. There are two types of decking: raised decking and flat or ground level decking. The raised decking foundation will lift your composite decking above the ground and provide additional room beneath it. The decking is at ground level or flushes with the grass or concrete. This form of decking foundation is only a few millimeters high and has no gaps beneath it.

Preparing the Ground for Elevated Composite Decking

Make sure the ground is ready for raised decking. The first step in building an elevated composite decking is to gather the necessary equipment and supplies. You will construct your composite decking after measuring the area.

Step One- Lay the Foundation 

You must have carefully designed your sundeck before purchasing all of the necessary supplies. This can help you figure out how many kompositbrädor you’ll need for your deck installation. Because you’ll be installing raised composite decking, you’ll want to make sure the surface is even and free of debris. Fabric may be used to keep grass from growing underneath your decking. You can go to the following stage after prepping the ground and ensuring that it is balanced.

Step Two- Post Hole Digging 

Composite decking that is elevated must be raised a few inches above the ground. Long posts will be required to elevate your composite decking. You’ll need to drill many holes around the area where your composite decking will be installed. After you’ve dug the holes, you’ll place the posts inside and cover them with cement to make sure they’re secure. It’s important to remember that the posts will act as the basis for your composite decking, so make sure they’re secure in the ground.

Step Three- Construct the Substructure or Frame 

When your posts are dry, you may attach the planks that will act as the composite decking’s substructure to them. The planks should be used to link the posts together. After you’ve fixed the boards, you may add the joists. If you’re going to screw the joists together, we recommend that you pre-drill them beforehand. Ascertain that your deck’s joists are properly spaced.

Step Four- Arrange the Composite Boards

After constructing the joists, you may begin laying up the composite boards on top of them. This exercise will need the use of both beginner and advanced clips. Because of expansion, you must leave a 5mm space between the boards. That concludes our discussion on raised decking. Elevated decking is identical to flush or ground-level decking, except that it is not raised above the ground.

Flush or Ground-level Ground Preparation

Step one- Organize the Space 

When it comes to installing ground-level decking, the first step is to clean the area of dirt and trash. If you want straight composite decking, you must also ensure that the space is perfectly leveled. This activity will need the use of a shovel. You’ll also need a wheelbarrow if you need to transport earth to fill the ground. This will guarantee that the ground on which your composite decking will be installed is properly prepared.

Step Two- Replacing the Post 

You must drill holes in order to fix the post that will hold your composite decking. Because this is a ground-level deck, you won’t need any lengthy posts. For flush decking, short posts will suffice. Some deck builders don’t use posts at all. Instead, they support the structure using cement blocks to which the joists will be attached. The purpose of posts is to secure the decking structure to them. The aim is that decking posts at ground level should be as near to the ground as possible. The frame and joists can then be attached. 

Step Three- Put the Composite Boards Back Together 

Depending on the type of komposittrall you install, you should use clips or screws to secure the boards.


What steps should you take to prepare the ground for composite decking? You must clean and remove rubbish from the ground before you can create your sundeck. After that, level the ground before beginning to create your decking.

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