How Smart Lockers Can Solve Office Mailroom Problems

smart lockers for office

Anyone who is familiar even remotely with the work environment that is the mailroom will agree that it is chaotic and that’s an understatement. Depending on its size, the scale of the company and its parcel traffic, it can range from very messy to total chaos.

The endless accumulation of mislabelled mail and rampant package loss can stress out employees to no end. Which makes the use of smart lockers for office an absolute no-brainer.

Examine the setting. It is usually an extremely limited space that habitually gets filled up with piles of parcels, packages and envelopes, spilling over from narrow shelves. A lot of the items end up in disorganised stacks, often on the floor and piling over one another. This makes it impossible to find anything until some of the smoke settles.

A Method to the Madness?

There are people who thrive in those environments, some claiming there’s a method to the madness. Most humans however, find it simply maddening and the sheer damage this causes to office life makes it obvious that it has to be contained.

The good news is, of course, that there is a way to organise this unmanageable situation. Which is of course by installing a set of intelligent lockers for office use.

No one person, no matter how meticulously organised they are, is capable of keeping an office mail room in order. But just like computers took over complex human tasks, parcel storage lockers are capable of effortlessly turning the mailroom into a bastion of calm stability and perfect order.

Here are just a few of the ways that commercial smart lockers can be of use and benefit an office environment.

1. Parcel Organisation

Yes, we know, that’s obvious. But let’s elaborate as to just how and to what extent this can be achieved using this simple but clever technology. Smart lockers for office use can expand the usable storage area while maintaining a perfectly organised automated system for pickup and delivery. No human supervision or filing system is needed.

Parcels are deposited in lockers, the right person is notified and knows exactly where to retrieve what they need. One locker per parcel at a time, always re-designated after a pickup so that the item can be stored for the next recipient.

2. Extra Security

The way that intelligent lockers operate eliminates the need to keep someone on guard duty so to speak. Unlike the mailroom, where gaining access to the room means gaining access to everything in it, the lockers can be set in a hallway. Only one recipient can access one locker with their item, at any given time. Once.

Everything else kept in other locker cells is perfectly secured under an automated locking system. Moreover, said system can be outfitted with hi-tech tracking software and used to ensure that sensitive documents and similar items are always accounted for.

There is no such thing as package theft when smart parcel storage lockers are part of an operation. If an item is delivered and deposited in a locker, it’s going to be there, and only there, until the moment it’s been picked up. The only time it’s left alone is inside the locker where it can’t be misplaced or lifted by someone who should know better.

In some cases, commercial smart lockers can go farther than that and store information in a robust cloud-based database, making sure everything is in place. Digital signatures can be implemented to ensure the right person picked up the items, and other safety mechanisms can be used in companies who prioritise security.

The entire chain from delivery to pickup can be monitored and documented ensuring a safe and smooth transaction.

3. Peace of Mind

This set of features of the smart lockers for office use also eliminates the question that plagues mail room handlers everywhere…“Has my parcel arrived yet??”

The answer is, you will know when it does! Because the same system that monitors everything can also send messages to recipients informing them of the delivery. No more endless visits to the mailroom to check on the parcel status, no more waiting and worrying. It’s all automated for perfect peace of mind.

4. It’s Smaller on the Outside

The fact that intelligent lockers pack a world of clever software and advanced features on the inside contributes to creating the exact opposite for its users on the outside. The smart, meticulous planning of their designers ensured that parcel storage lockers present a blissfully simple experience to anyone who has to access them.

Accessing the locker for anyone who needs to deposit something is simpler than putting a pizza in a microwave. Retrieving anything from the locker is even simpler. One tap on a touch screen or even a remote tap of a smartphone gets it opened. If you are the recipient of course.

And of course, this is great for the firm because it eliminates the need to hire or designate office staff for mailroom duty. This allows them to use their time more productively.

The reduction of stress this provides may be harder to translate into dollar signs but of course it definitely translates to just that. People who are not busy worrying about parcels and the mess around them are simply better employees.

To conclude, the use of commercial smart lockers in an office environment can do much more than get one mailroom organised. It can contribute to the improvement of operational efficiency in an entire company and this is no exaggeration.

Which is another reason why commercial parcel lockers in Toronto offices are becoming an almost ubiquitous phenomenon.

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