How to amass tons of Customers using Custom Window Boxes?

custom window boxes

Today, plethora of businesses are adopting innovative strategies to draw many customers to their products. Contrary to the former times, businesses of nowadays are looking to give exposure to their products to instill a sense of complacency in the buyer to take impulse buying decisions. To achieve this purpose, custom window boxes can make the potential buyers go weak in the knees to buy whatever product you are selling. So let us dive into  how they can help you skyrocket your business sales and build brand cohesion!

What are Custom Window boxes?

A custom packaging box is an innovative in a sense that allows the buyers to view the product without touching it . Customers tend to gravitate towards the product as they get a chance to intuitively examine the outer look and quality of the product you are selling.

Personalized Window Boxes are essentially made up of eco-friendly material like Kraft paper and rigid cardboard to give eye-catching appearance and durable touch. The product packaging is highly reliable and safe, letting the customers having a holistic view of desired aspect of the encased product. These are available in different sizes, shapes and designs to cater to the needs of customers.

Custom window packaging lets the businesses flaunt their products’ merits without the hassle of touching them. The sleek, super-attractive design of the custom window boxes fulfills all your brand requirements, enabling it to outperform its competitors. 

Let us cast a view on its primary differentiators from other packaging boxes that make packaging box with window a top choice for the businesses to foster their sales and build brand credibility:

1-Flexible design options:

You might have heard a mouthful that look attractive. On the same vein, packaged products have a really short span to attract buyers. Custom window boxes of unique  design is surely enticing enough to capture tons of eyeballs to itself.

Moreover, there is a wide range of design ideas that are worthy adding without compromising the quality of the boxes. Be products of any category: bakery, beverages, cosmetics or any other.

Boxes with windows will have the buyers cornered for you as soon as they cast eyes on them. Packaging with window boxes add uniqueness to the overall product that wins customer hearts.

2- Eco-friendly material:

The composition materials of window packaging boxes are considered as the lynchpin for determining their quality and durability. Global Custom Packaging takes great pride in using top-notch quality materials for tailoring custom boxes of highest quality. Aside from maintaining highest quality, we are also making it imperative to craft boxes that are environment friendly.

We craft window packaging boxes using eco-friendly materials like craft-paper and sturdy cardboard materials that not only play their role in imparting premium and unique look but also keeps our environment healthy. We are also conscious of maintaining your product quality and freshness. Therefore, me use corrugated cardboard paper to furnish extra security to your products until after our customers receive at their doorstep.

Are you ready to receive breathtaking and boastful feedbacks on your products? Make us our first choice to help you multiply your revenue and popularity!


Amidst all the business noise, it is crucial to have some USPs to help outshine your competition. Custom boxes with window add an air of exclusivity among the buyers with their unique designs. Interestingly enough, according to a study, uniqueness stirs up the buyers’ curiosity. With all this noted, the design element of the custom window box is something that can foster your business by creating a Unique point for the business.

Global Packaging Solutions is a well-rounded thought leader in this niche to create window boxes of highest quality, premium feel and unique design to amass innumerable new customers to help you reach your business goals. We can provide you custom boxes with window in either quantity whether in short run or large bulk. Plus, we also deal in window boxes wholesale.

Why Global Custom Packaging?

Global Custom Packaging has proved itself as a thought leader in the field of manufacturing custom box packaging of a wide variety. We focus on results and customer satisfaction and do not compromise on anything less than brilliance. We take pride of featuring staff of high brilliance, expertise to craft packaging boxes tailored to customer needs. 

After serving and satisfying tons of business, we are here for you to help you snowball your sales. Our design experts are adept enough to capture buyers’ psychology. They design box accordingly so that people are attracted towards the product. We employ cutting-edge technology to impart the highest quality, to the products you receive.

We offer:

1- Free design consultation

2- Swift Turnaround

3- Absolutely free of cost delivery across the US.

4- Affordable and top-notch quality box printing.


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