How to avoid house painting disasters?


Planning to paint the walls on your own? In that case, you need to first realize that you have to clean up the walls and the roof first. Apart from that, you need to check out the rest of the post for painting disasters that are bound to creep in, since you plan to handle the whole project on your own. DIY projects are great, as long as you know what you are doing which is all the more reason for you to check out this post. The tips and tricks should clue you in as to how to avoid these disasters when painting your exteriors on your own.

  • Prepare, prepare and prepare: When it comes to house painters in Auckland, there’s no getting around it. You can ask them for tips on how to avoid disasters and this is what most would recommend especially If as a rank amateur you plan on handling it on your own. You need to go the extra mile to prepare for it. Make sure that you have all the required supplies, from paint, paintbrushes to tarps and dust cloths as well as covers. You can use these to cover up the furniture inside your home and protect them from billowing dust, grime, and even debris. Make sure that all the windows are carefully locked up and seal them, using masking tape. This should help prevent additional dust as well as paint fumes from getting into your home. 
  • Ladders, how to avoid disasters: Ask any of the house painters and they would mention that most of the DIY painting disasters and accidents take place around ladders. And that’s usually because most homeowners tend to take ladders for granted. As a result, they do not take adequate precautions and wear slippery footwear with no additional grip when on it or the roof. The fact that these accidents happen should not come as a shock. Moreover, its mainly on account of sheer sloppiness on the part of the owner. It can be avoided with ease, all you need to do is to ensure that you wear old clothes, a painting overall and try bare feet, when on the ladder.
  • Cleaning the roller: When it comes to painting your home, you need to first realize that you need to pay due care to both paint and paintbrushes. The same goes for rollers – so check your old paint rollers and see if they are dried up with old paint, and grimy as well. In that case, take the paint roller and immerse it in some hot water and let it sit out for an hour. Now try removing the dried paint clumps from the roller and if needed, cut away parts of it. The rest should be fine and you can reuse it again. Just refill it and use it to paint your exteriors.
  • Clean the paintbrushes: This is what you must pay attention to; you may have used the brand new paintbrushes the last time and forgot to clean them up. Now the paint is all dried up, the brush is as hard as a rock; so it is a no-go to use it this time around. And that is why you must always clean up your brushes after every project, and use turpentine as well. This should remove the paint from it completely and keep it as good as new until the next DIY project. 

This is how you avoid painting disasters and why you need to learn how to avoid the same before you start painting the exteriors of your home.


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