How To Choose Dining Table For The Kitchen?

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Choosing a dining table for the kitchen

For this reason, the kitchen is considered a special room for the hostess and household members. This is a gathering place in the morning and evening, the center of leisurely Sunday meals, a location for receiving guests, and friendly conversations. 


When planning a room, apartment owners try to “make friends” with all the elements of the area in order to get the most harmonious space. Nowadays, everyone puts their home, mansion, and apartment name unique. You can also do that with the last name generator for free where you get numerous names, choose the one you like and place it.


In addition to the headset, technology, decoration, the kitchen table plays a significant role in this alliance – in the article we will tell you how to choose it correctly: determine the shape and size, selection criteria. For the perfect area to put the dining table, you need to measure the square area of your home where you want to put the dining table. You can measure the area by yourself using an online square footage calculator easily.


How to choose a dining table for the kitchen?

When choosing a shape, the area of ​​the kitchen and the overall design of the room is important. After all, the configuration is directly dependent on the perception of the room: the table can visually lengthen/expand the kitchen, become the main zoning tool, and so on. 


Let’s analyze the most popular forms of dining tables.


  1. Rectangle. 

A classic that fits almost any style solution. Convenience and functionality are manifested in the fact that such furniture can be placed against any wall or anywhere in the kitchen, placing more people. 

Due to the possible transformation, rectangular tables save useful space, unfold, increasing the size by 1.5-2 times, which is convenient for seating a large company. Standard folding models can accommodate up to 10 people.


2. Oval. 

A solution for both classic and modern interiors. It is considered the most capacious in terms of the number of seats. For example, in folding models, seating is up to 12 people. Due to the absence of sharp corners, the oval table is chosen by families with children – this option is less traumatic.


3. Square. 

A good solution for a miniature kitchen. Simplicity and conciseness complement elegant interiors well. You need to understand that square options can accommodate a maximum of 4 people, provided that they are not near the wall. 

When placing a table in the center of a small room, the space will visually increase, become more symmetrical and orderly. The square table balances and completes the design of the room.


4. Circle. 

It is considered the center of a room and is great for medium-sized kitchens. Before choosing a round kitchen table, think about ergonomics. Such furniture is not placed against the wall, therefore it is not suitable for limited square meters.


5. Triangle. 

Rather the exception than the rule. Such table models are made to order. Suitable for very small kitchens or for rooms with non-standard configurations. If the room has a complex design, a triangular table will emphasize the futuristic interior. The best option for furniture of this shape is a coffee or coffee table.


6. Bar counter. 

Not quite a shape, rather a type of table. However, he belongs on this list. Many people install rack tables for zoning space or saving space. When choosing such a solution, keep in mind that its height is greater than a standard table. Accordingly, the chairs will also be non-standard. 

However, the compactness, stylistic variety will allow you to choose a design exclusively according to your taste, suitable for the interior.


What table size for the kitchen to choose?

How large or small a chair you need to buy depends on the size of the kitchen, the place of installation, and the number of people sitting behind it. 


Tips for determining the size of your kitchen table:

  • Landing for one person – from 60 cm wide and 40 cm deep. Plus a minimum of 20 cm for dishes.
  • When planting on both sides, the depth of the table can be at least 80-85 cm, and better more. Please note that depths exceeding 105 cm can be inconvenient in terms of food accessibility.
  • The formula for calculating the dimensions of the table is the number of family members, +2 guests. So, for a family of 3 people, the approximate dimensions of the table will be 150 cm in length and 80-85 cm in depth. This is enough for 6 people. The formula is real for rectangular and square solutions.
  • When determining the size, do not forget that you should be comfortable moving around the room. There should also be room for chairs.



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