How to Choose the Modern Sofa Set for Your Living Room?

Modern Sofa Set

Who doesn’t like to relax on their cozy sofa in their living room? Almost everyone enjoys lounging on their sofas in the living room, watching a movie; spending time with their families, especially after a hectic day at work.

Yes, the living room is an important arena of our homes where we spend most of our time with our families and loved ones. And, of course, the sofa set is integral furniture of the living room as we often tend to sit on sofas for reading, watching tv, or just relaxing. 

That’s the reason you need to invest in the right sofa. Thus you can relax comfortably and enjoy your time with your family peacefully. Also, the sofa enhances the look of your living room and adds life to your house.

So, dedicate time and educate yourself about how to pick the most suitable sofa for your living room. Thus, you can have a cozy place to relax while coming back from work daily. 

Modern sofa sets come in various styles, shapes, and sizes today. You may think that you know what exactly you want, but walking into the furniture showroom or browsing several furniture images online can be overwhelming. 

This blog is right here for your rescue, helping you buy the most suitable sofa set for your living room. Read on to get some practical tips right from our experts at Zilli Furniture to buy a perfect living room sofa set. 

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  • Consider Your Room Size & Shape:

Of course, the size of your living room matters the most. If you have a bigger living room, you will probably need a bigger sofa set. You have to decide how much of your sofa set should fill your living room. Do you want to add a few chairs, a side table, or a center table?

In case you want only a sofa, you can go for an L-shape corner sofa. A corner sofa is ideal as you can push it to a corner of your living room. Thus, it will give you some extra space. A corner sofa can also help divide the space into separate zones. Moreover, a corner sofa can fit into awkwardly shaped areas.

If you have a small living room, you will need a smaller couch. The sofa will be in the spotlight amidst the less space. Hence, you need to pick a sofa with an elegant design that complements your space. 

At Zilli Furniture, you can buy sofa sets of your choice. We have an extensive collection of living room sofa sets. Visit the Zilli Furniture store at Plano or buy modern sofa sets online on our Zilli Furniture website.

  • Decide how you want to align your Sofa:

How to place your sofa is entirely up to you. It depends on your lifestyle and what you like to do the most in your living room. If you are a movie person and love to be in front of the TV, make sure your sofa faces that direction. So, you need to check whether that area opposite the TV can accommodate your new sofa. 

A living room sofa set comes in various shapes, sizes, and styles. If you are a party person and like to invite friends for a get-together and movie nights, you can consider circle or semicircle sofas with a center table. Else, if your family likes to lounge, relax and read, you can get some extra chairs, and cushions and create multiple seating arrangements. Thus, you can enjoy your time alone and as a group. 

Zilli Furniture is the one-stop place for your furniture needs. Buy modern sofa sets online from our Zilli Furniture website.

  • Choose the most suitable Upholstery Material:

Looks, decor, and aesthetics add elegance to your living room indeed. Though aesthetic is needed, functionality and comfort play a vital role while choosing a material for your sofa. For instance, a white suede sofa may look stunning in the showroom but not in your living room if you have pets or small kids. Thus, always give importance to your needs and functionality rather than mere looks.

Leather sofas are a fool-proof choice when it comes to sofas of any style. It is relatively easy to clean. Moreover, it comes in various colors, finishes, and textures. Thus, leather is ideal for both looks and durability. However, leather sofas are vulnerable to scratches and can develop cracks due to humidity. 

Linen and cotton are the most durable fabric options, but it is ideal for adult-only homes. If you have pets or small kids, stay away from these fabrics, as they get stained quickly and are difficult to maintain. 

The next option is wool and wool blends. They are soft, durable, and warm. Wool is also kid-friendly as they are easy to spot-clean, vacuum, and dust. Also, it is ideal for colder months as it remains warm.

At Zilli Furniture, you can get all sorts of living room sofa sets. Visit our Plano store for modern sofa sets, corner sofas, and more. You can also buy modern sofa sets online on our website

  • Pick the Style that complements your Home:

Picking your own style may sound overwhelming, but it’s not that tricky. You just need to pick the sofa set that naturally fits your home. For instance, if your home is sleek and modern, you can choose a sofa set that complements that style. 

If your home has many designs and a variety of colors, use a couch that has several styles. For instance, you can go for sofas with colorful fabric, modern shape, and traditional work. 

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If your house is more traditional, you can opt for classic or vintage furniture. A well-structured classic sofa with quality fabric will be durable and function well with various colors, complementing your house. 

At Zilli Furniture, we have furniture of various styles, including urban, trendy, modern, classy, traditional, and more. You can pick and choose the style that best compliments your house. Our living room sofa set, modern sofa set, and corner sofa are not-to-miss collections. Buy modern sofa sets online on our Zilli Furniture website. 

  • Pick a Color or Pattern:

You can make your sofa look attractive either by choosing bold colors or trendy patterns. If you hesitate to play around with your sofa colors, you can throw in some patterned pillows and other accent elements. 

Plus, reupholstering furniture is one of the cost-effective options for anyone who wants to personalize their furniture. Feel free to choose a sofa with a funky and unique print. It will add a personal touch and elevate the feel of the entire living room. 

If you are still too nervous to try louder colors and patterns on your sofa, you can always opt for a funky ottoman in your living room. It will add more elegance to your room while complementing your sofa set. 

Zilli furniture has the best of patterns, colors, styles, varieties, and whatnot? Visit our Plano store or buy online from our website.

  • Check the Frame:

Last but not least, checking the quality of the sofa for its durability and structure is mandatory. Double-check the frame of the sofa and make sure it is sturdy enough. You can check the sturdiness of the sofa by lifting the front legs of it. Upon lifting, the other one must lift as well. If it is still touching the ground, that indicates a weak frame. 

Wrapping Up:

A sofa set can make or break the look and feel of your living room for sure. Moreover, a living room sofa can impact the quality of our lives as most of us tend to spend the maximum of our time in our living rooms while at home. So, you need to invest in the right furniture that suits your lifestyle, home interiors, aesthetics, and family members’ preferences. You can use the handy tips discussed in the blog while picking your living room sofa set.


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