How to Clean Curtains at Home?


How to get rid of dust and stains on curtains without damaging delicate fabrics? Here you will find many tips for the care of curtains, curtains and tulle.

Curtains are an important element of your home interior, carefully chosen from thousands of options. But if they are not properly cared for, they can quickly lose their shape and fade. Here are some simple tips for caring for curtains, curtains and delicate tulle.

The simplest and most effective way to clean curtains, many experts call elementary ventilation. On a windy day, open a window or patio door wide and leave for a few hours. If you have heavy, thick curtains, then they can be knocked out like a carpet. You should not do this indoors, as the dust will scatter throughout the room, and you will have to do wet cleaning.

Rinse curtains thoroughly after hand washing to remove excess detergent. Otherwise, your curtains can quickly fade in the sun.

Dry cleaning of curtains

Curtains can be dry-cleaned at home (if, for example, the curtains cannot be removed) or at a factory. A house call specialist will clean the curtains with a steam generator or hydrocarbon. Such dry cleaning is very delicate and may not cope with serious contamination. In addition, you should not treat curtains with chemicals if children or older people live in the house.

If you are the lucky owner of expensive designer curtains, we recommend that you leave them to the professionals.

How do clean curtains and curtains at home?

Curtains can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Use a special nozzle for curtains or upholstery, so as not to damage the fabric with stiff bristles. If your vacuum cleaner does not have such a nozzle, you can wrap the brush of the vacuum cleaner with muslin or other thin cloth and secure it with an elastic band. Remember to vacuum the inside of the curtains, folds and fringes especially carefully. Try to clean the curtains once every two weeks, because if the dust gets into the fibres of the fabric, it will be much more difficult to get rid of it.

Cleaning vinyl curtains is much easier. It is enough to wipe them every six months with a sponge dipped in an all-purpose cleaner or in water with vinegar (1/4 cup of vinegar per litre of water).

Don’t forget to dust off the cornice, as well as the hooks and rings on which the curtains are attached. The booms are best cleaned with a cloth soaked in detergent or a brush with a handle if they are high up.

How to wash curtains?

Most manufacturers recommend dry or dry curtain cleaning. When washed, the curtains can lose their shape and shrink by more than 10 centimetres. For example, rayon curtains lose up to 60% of their original strength.

However, some curtains made from non-natural fabrics can be machine washed on a delicate cycle at temperatures not exceeding 30 degrees. But if you don’t want to risk it, then it’s better to wash them by hand.

Here are some tips for hand washing:

  • Shake out curtains thoroughly.
  • Rinse them in cold water.
  • Soak them in warm water with a mild detergent and baking soda.
  • Rinse several times in cool water and wring out gently. If detergents are left on the curtains, they may fade in the sun.
  • Hang wet curtains on a ledge so they don’t lose their shape and flatten out under their own weight.

If you decide to iron the curtains, do not forget to put the iron on the most delicate setting “for synthetics”. If the fabric has a relief, iron without steam. Always iron curtains while they are still damp.

How to bleach tulle?

There are several ways to bring back the whiteness of your favourite tulle curtain:

  1. Soak it for forty minutes in saline solution, then rinse it at least four times.
  2. Use special bleaches for tulle.
  3. But the remedy that, according to our grandmothers, works wonders is the usual brilliant green. Dissolve 10-15 drops of brilliant green in a glass of water, let stand for two to three minutes and pour into a basin for the last rinse of the tulle. Some experts advise leaving the curtains in this solution overnight.
  • Cleaning expensive curtains are best left to professionals.
  • You can vacuum your curtains with a special nozzle
  • Even if your curtains are not afraid of the washing machine, it is better to use the delicate wash mode.



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