How to Clean Curtains without Removing them from the Eaves

curtain cleaning
curtain cleaning

Cleaning curtains without removing from the cornice on your own – is it effective? Professional dry-cleaning will not only save time but also avoid various problems.

The finishing touch in the interior design of any room is all kinds of curtains and curtains. With the right selection, they will not only close the windows from prying eyes and sunlight but also effectively emphasize the style of the room.

If we talk about classic blackout curtains, then cleaning them sometimes causes a lot of problems. First, you need to take them off, then wash them, then iron them and hang them up again. As a rule, this process takes a lot of time. That is why many people practice such a method as cleaning curtains without removing them, which allows them to return cleanliness in a short time.

This method is also good for modern types of curtains as well as blinds.

How to clean curtains without removing improvised means?

First of all, experts advise once a week to clean the surface of the fabric with a special brush or with a vacuum cleaner. Thus, the fabric is dust-free, but it may still leave stains if the brush was soaked in water or stains.

In addition, even regular cleaning will not get rid of the accumulation of dust mites. Therefore, you should either use a steam generator or seek the help of professionals who know how to clean the curtains without removing them and get rid of harmful microorganisms and unpleasant odours.

If there is dirt on the fabric, then it is worth:

  • First, remove dust from the product by brushing it off with a dry microfiber cloth;
  • Treat the stain with a special composition 
  • Rinse carefully to avoid streaks;
  • Smooth out;
  • Allow drying away from radiators and batteries.

At the same time, it is important to carefully remove the soap foam so that there are no whitish streaks left, and when rinsing the curtain, you should also use a dry towel to blot excess moisture.

Undoubtedly, such cleaning of curtains on weight is good only if the product used has been previously tested, and also when the product does not have additional decor: embroidery, sequins, etc. In other cases, it is worth using the services of professionals.

How does professional curtain cleaning work?

Modern technologies make it possible to clean curtains of any model, including blinds of all types, without removing them.

Professional cleaning of curtains, without removing them, occurs as follows. First, experts examine the type of pollution and determine the types of fabric. After that, the desired composition is selected, with which the surface is treated. In most cases, a special dry composition is used, thanks to which the product can be cleaned without the use of liquid.

Removal of contaminants occurs in several stages. First, special stain removers are used. Then the product is cleaned, cleaned and dried. In the end, many companies use a final treatment, thanks to which the product repels dust and many contaminants.

Benefits of professional curtain cleaning

Professional dry-cleaning of curtains will not only save a lot of time but also avoid the following problems:

  • Deformation of the product;
  • Stains and whitish spots;
  • Loss of colour brightness;
  • Density loss.

In addition, the specialists of a cleaning company, for example, Major Carpet Cleaners, will ensure the complete removal of all kinds of stains and the removal of odours. Special technologies ensure the complete elimination of dust mites, which are often the source of various diseases.


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