How to couch can be steam cleaned

Couch Cleaning Melbourne
Couch Cleaning Melbourne

In principle, any upholstery can be steam cleaned if it is not afraid of high temperatures. This also includes armrests, pillows and other decorative elements of the couch. The steam cleaner will refresh the appearance of the fabric, return it to cleanliness, and also destroy all parasites inside the filler. In addition, with the help of steam, not only stains such as grease and dirt are effectively removed, but also an unpleasant odour, namely mould, urine, mustiness, and dampness.

Can a couch be cleaned with a steam cleaner?”, The answer is yes, but it all depends on the upholstery Stuff. Allowed to clean:

  • Eco-leather, leather, Patek
  • Natural fabrics: cotton, matting, suede, jacquard, silk, velvet, velour, flock, chenille
  • Tapestry
  • Artificial fabrics

Do not use the steam cleaner on linen or wool upholstery.

Which nozzle to choose

To effectively clean the couch with a steam cleaner, you will need several nozzles. As a rule, round brushes are used for smooth upholstery, as they have a larger radius of coverage. But for hard-to-reach places, a narrow nozzle is more suitable.

Advantages and disadvantages of brushing

Cleaning upholstered with a steam cleaner has many benefits:

  • Minimum time spent on the process
  • No need for long drying upholstery
  • Disinfection – the destruction of all parasites, including pathogenic microbes
  • Removal of an unpleasant smell and all types of pollution
  • Does not need the use of homemade chemicals
  • Cleaning does not involve physical exertion
  • Does not leave marks and streaks
  • Steam penetrates deep into the structure of the fibres and cleanses them from the inside

As for the shortcomings, only one is singled out – the high cost of the device.

Important! Use only purified water for the steam cleaner. Otherwise, tap water can cause stains on the couch and scale on the heating element.

How to steam a couch

Before cleaning, prepare everything you need:

  • A steam cleaner
  • A brush to sweep small debris from the sofa
  • Microfiber cloth to remove moisture

Further, the whole process of cleaning the couch with a steam generator looks like this:

  1. Clean the upholstery with a brush or vacuum with a regular vacuum cleaner. This is necessary to remove small litter and dust.
  2. Lightly treat old stubborn stains with soapy water, although this is not an urgent need, since steam will cope with pollution quite well.
  3. Fill the steam cleaner tank with water, plug it in and wait until it heats up.
  4. Clean the couch, processing it partially, in small areas. It is very important to control the steam power so that the upholstery does not get too wet. Once the surface is treated, blot it with a microfiber cloth and move to another part of the couch.
  5. Dry the furniture a little, providing it with good ventilation.

Detergent selection

In case of strong stains or greasy, you can use special products that are sold in household chemical stores. They are poured into the steam cleaner in pure or diluted form. You need to select products strictly under the type of upholstery.


Important! Regardless of what material your couch is upholstered with, you should avoid products that contain aggressive chemical components.


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