How to deal with pet accidents on a rug?


When it comes to rugs, you got to admit that they do add to the aesthetic beauty of the room. That said, you might be asking for ‘it’, especially if you have more than a few puppies at home. And since they are still learning the ropes, accidents are bound to happen. And that’s all the more reason that you need to check out this post, as it shows you what to do, in case of such accidents and how to avoid a repeat performance shortly. Do review the rest of the post, They consist of easy steps by which you should be able to remove the pee stains and even the odor from the rug before it becomes unbearable.

Soak it up: 

When it comes to cleaning pet urine from wool rug, the first thing that you need to do is to soak it up. Use a clean blotting paper and see if you can soak up most of the urine, from the target area. Granted you will not be able to soak up all of it since some of it is bound to have soaked through the fibers in the rug. And that’s all the more reason that you would have to check out the following steps to clean the urine and the underlying odor from the rug thoroughly. Otherwise, your pet/pets are bound to think that’s the spot to pee and would continue to pee right on that very spot. 

Use vinegar:

Vinegar is the go-to solution, especially if you are in a hurry. Most kitchens are bound to have a vinegar bottle or two; check and see if it happens to be white vinegar. If it is, then mix the white vinegar with water in the ratio of 1:1, and spray the mixture on the target area. Allow it to soak in, and then blot the area dry. This should help to remove most of the pee stain out of your woolen rug. When it comes to antique rugs, it may not be advisable to follow this step, as it could end up damaging the antique rug. 

Apply a little baking soda:

You may have heard about the effectiveness of baking soda in removing stains from carpets and rugs. Yup! It happens to be true; especially when you have persistent stains that tend to stay on despite using white vinegar. If that’s the case, then you can mix up some bleach and diluted water, in the same ratio of 1:1, and spray it on the target area. Allow it to get absorbed by the rug fibers and now blot it out. It’s the same process that you had followed with the white vinegar mixture. Except that here, it should help remove all the persistent pee stains from your rug and as a plus, it should also help remove the odor as well. Make sure that you hang out your rug to dry in a shaded part of the yard after the process is complete since direct sunlight and specifically UV radiation can bleach out the dyes on the rug.

Store for future use:

It would be a good idea to store some of the baking soda and white vinegar mixture for future use. You are bound to need it, as your pups will continue to have accidents now and then. And given that, it makes sense to store a bottle of the mixture for immediate and urgent use, to prevent your rug from taking on a pee stain, permanently. Of course, you could always go to the cleaners, but if you prefer to handle it the natural way, then these are the tips you would need to follow.

Do remember to toilet train your pups, since they are bound to need this as they grow up. And letting the pups roam all over your home is bound to result in ‘accidents’, and that’s why it is better to have a solution of white vinegar, bleach, and diluted water handy.


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