How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6073 (Updated Steps)

QuickBooks Error Code 6073 - Featured Image
QuickBooks Error Code 6073 - Featured Image

The error known as QuickBooks Error 6073 occurs when opening the company file in QB. When such a problem occurs when a user completes the application’s most common task, it is rather annoying. As a result, if another user from a remote program like LogMeIn accesses the file, the user no longer has access to it. Therefore, we need to find a way to repair the damage in the firm file in order to solve the issue. To learn more about how this can be used, see the article below.

What is QuickBooks Error 6073 Can’t Open Company File?

When a user tries to open their company data file, they see the error code 6073. Additionally, it is backed up by a statement that explains the problem and states, “QuickBooks cannot access this company file.” Maybe someone else opened it. Because another person was attempting to open the corporate file on a different device, the problem appeared.

How Do I Deal with QuickBooks Error 6073 and 99001?

You can use the below-described troubleshooting techniques to quickly resolve the QuickBooks error 6073 when it occurs.

Solution:  Utilize Quick Fix my Program

A built-in feature of QuickBooks Tool Hub called Quick Fix my Program shuts down all the background processes that QuickBooks utilizes and repairs the program. The steps to execute Quick Fix my Program are as follows:

  • Reopen the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Select the Program Errors tab.
  • Continue by selecting Quick Fix my Program.
  • Open the company file in QuickBooks after launching it.

In case of help, you may contact our intuit QuickBooks error support team.


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