How to fix QuickBooks error code 108?

Fix QuickBooks Error 108 Featured Image
Fix QuickBooks Error 108 Featured Image

There are many different kinds of problems that could happen when managing a bank account using QuickBooks Online. Software problems can cause some errors to arise directly from the software, but banking errors can cause other issues. Today, we’ll discuss the QuickBooks Error 108, which has an effect on the banking transaction download process and is caused by online banking. You might not be able to sync QuickBooks with your banking institutions for months if the proper update is not applied. For further details and comprehensive troubleshooting instructions, read the entire article through to the end.

When your bank notifies you to respond to something after you link your bank account or credit card information, QuickBooks Error 108 displays. The message could be about special deals, revised terms of service, or brief notices about site updates.

In this post, we’ll discuss the reasons why “QuickBooks Error code 108” occurs as well as the steps you can take to fix it right away.

Why does QuickBooks Error 108 occur?

There are numerous causes of “Error 108,” some of which are listed below:

  • Your bank account login credentials are incorrect.
  • Your username and password are incorrect.
  • The web server and the software may experience difficulties when using a bad internet connection.
  • “QB Error 108” may be caused by deleted download transactions.

Solutions for QuickBooks Error 108

The timely fix of QuickBooks Error 108 is important since it relates to banking. Fixing can be done in a number of methods, some of which are listed below:

Method: Disable pop-up blockers

1.       Block all pop-up blockers on your computer and then turn them off.

2.       Check to see if your antivirus program has pop-up blockers disabled.

3.       After that, you must delete the cookies and caches from your browser.

4.       Reopen the browser after closing it.

5.       When logging onto your bank’s website, hold down the Ctrl key.

6.       Finally, sign in to QB Online and see if “Error 108” has been fixed.

Wrapping up

Errors are frequently encountered when attempting to enter your bank’s website. It could occur as a result of a lost server (bad internet connection) or incorrect bank account information. You may be experiencing issues with your bank’s website as a result of firewall configurations, old Windows or QuickBooks versions, or other difficulties.



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