How to Fix the Problems of Exterior Paint

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It can be downright frustrating determining the best way to utilize exterior paint. If the surface isn’t prepared correctly, the paint might not adhere to the surface and bubble or simply slough off. Believe it or not, painting exterior surfaces is a bit of an artform. While Monet and Rembrandt didn’t have the same difficulty with the surfaces they painted, exterior painters Toronto have had these problems. It started the first time someone hung a painted sign out front of their business. Some signs held their luster, while others faded. So, what can be done about it? How can anyone avoid all the inherent pitfalls, which occur when painting exterior surfaces in Canada? Simple, reach out to Industry Painting.

There are bound to be problems sooner or later when working with exterior paint. However, when paint fails, it can be costly for business owners. When trusting an industrial painting company, it is difficult to know if they are well versed in exterior painting techniques. With Industry Painters, there is nothing to worry about. We take care of everything. Our aim is to exceed your expectations while meeting your needs.

How to Avoid Exterior Paint Problems?

We help both commercial and industrial facilities avoid extensive repairs and prolonged periods of downtime due to paint failures. Listed below are some measures to help avoid the most commonly occurring paint failures.

  • Proper Surface Preparation
  • Thorough Surface Inspection
  • Coating Selection
  • Environmental Conditions

There is nothing more important than proper preparation of exterior surfaces to ensure paint durability once it is applied. Any company providing exterior painting services Toronto should know to thoroughly inspect the exposed surfaces. They will assess the existing paint and wear points that will need to be addressed. Once the inspection is completed, they will recommend a plan moving forward with the best method for preparing the surfaces.

What to Look for During the Inspection?

While there are many things to assess during an inspection, some could indicate additional work before applying the paint. Those indicators are in the list below:

  • Mold Growth
  • Animal Infestations
  • Quality of Surface Materials

Mold Growth

If mold is present, it typically indicates a moisture problem. Either there is too much moisture present or the draining method is ineffective or simply blocked.

Animal Infestations

If the inspection finds animal infestations, this can cause problems. There may be a nest which needs to be removed. There may also be damage to the structure if the animals found a way inside. This damage would need to be repaired before paint preparations can occur.

Quality of Surface Materials

If there is rampant rust or other damage to the exterior of the structure, it will hinder the paint adhering correctly. All damage needs to be repaired before surface preparation can begin.

Industry Painting knows the ins and outs of exterior painting. As leading exterior painters at Toronto, we know about environmental factors. We know about the best weather conditions to provide your business with a lasting look to your building’s exterior.


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