How to Fix Your Garage Door in a Quick and Efficient Manner


If you’ve ever owned a home with a garage, you know how much use it gets. As such, small problems can become major headaches if left unaddressed. That’s why, as soon as you notice something is amiss with your garage door, you need to take action fast. Luckily, fixing a broken garage door isn’t as difficult as most people think.

Check the Springs and Cables First

The first thing that you should do if your garage door breaks is make sure the springs and cables are in good condition. Inspect them to make sure they aren’t frayed or broken, and that nothing is binding them up. If you notice anything amiss with your springs, you can replace them easily enough. Cables are another matter. If a cable is broken, you will likely need a full garage door replacement. If you notice fraying on your cables, you can get a coating to help reduce any future damage.

Determine Whether You Need a Repair or Replacement

Next, you need to determine whether you need a repair or a full replacement. Some companies, like Raynor Door Company, know that this is incredibly important. If an individual part has failed, you can often replace that part for a fraction of the cost of an entire new door.  For example, instead of replacing the whole garage door system, you may need a garage door opener replacement. This may be the case if you’ve replaced the batteries in your door openers and have failed to find any other problems, such as sensors, springs, or cables.

You Should Also Check Your Sensors

Your sensors might have failed due to a power outage or storm, or they could just be broken. If you notice that your sensors aren’t working, you should replace them quickly. You can replace your garage door sensors yourself and save a lot of money in the process. Keep in mind that you’ll probably have to order new sensors. Replacing them yourself can be easy, and they will only cost you a few dollars. Your sensors should last five to ten years, but they can break down quicker if you live in an area with adverse weather conditions.

You May Need New Motors and Batteries

If your garage door doesn’t open or close properly, your motors might be to blame. If you notice that your garage door is taking longer than normal to open, you should check your motor to see if it’s binding or if it’s loose. If your garage door is closing more slowly than normal, the motor may be weak and not have enough power to close the door. If you notice either of these issues with your garage door, you should replace your motor. You can also replace the batteries in your remotes and keypads if they aren’t working properly. You can find these items at any hardware store or online.

Now that you know what to do, you can quickly and efficiently fix any garage door problem that may arise. Just remember that the quickest and cheapest solution is not always the best solution. If you need to repair your door, get on it right away. With a little bit of effort, you can fix your garage door in a quick and efficient manner.


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