How To Get Your Home Ready For The Summer Season?


Most homeowners use the spring season, to complete their house cleaning process. However, it should be known that spring isn’t the only season to clean your home interiors. Instead, seasonal upkeep is necessary to keep your house in great shape over time. If you can keep your home well-maintained throughout the entire year, then it can provide you ideal comfort in the same manner as well. 

The following are some of the key aspects of your home that you should look into before the summer season makes its entrance. 

Methods To Follow To Get Your Home Summer Ready

  • Caulking Inspection

According to a professional home inspector in Jacksonville FL, it’s indeed quite common during the winter season, for your doors and windows, to get separated slightly from their respective frames. Therefore, to get your home prepped up for the summer season, proceed to inspect the caulking around the frames of your doors & windows, along with any other openings in your home. 

If it’s required, you can proceed to apply external silicone sealant or caulking, which can help in addressing any problems. Proper caulking contributes to better interior insulation, which can assist in lowering your home energy bills. This is because your HVAC systems have to work less during the summer season to cool down your home interiors and keep the summer heat out.

  • Change Any Worn-Out Air Filters

It’s extremely critical to change your home’s air filters at least two to three times per year, depending upon your surroundings. For instance, if you live in a polluted area, then the replacements intervals should be closer to one another and vice-versa. 

Adding new filters during the spring season will help in enhancing the indoor air quality as spring pollen will easily shorten the lifespan of your home air filters. Furthermore, having new air filters will allow your HVAC system to perform efficiently, thereby increasing its longevity over time. 

But, if you continue to utilize clogged filters, then it can affect the functioning of your HVAC system over time. Ultimately, such a process will lead to a costly repair later on. Besides, clogged air filters also reduce indoor air quality, leading to allergies and breathing issues like asthma. 

  • Take Care Of Your House’s Roof

Exposing your roof and other siding materials to the sun can cause fading, warping, chipping and other types of deformities. Sometimes, water damage can also take place due to summer or spring thunderstorms. Any missing or loose shingles on your roof will cause rainwater to seep into your home, thereby causing additional damage over time. 

Therefore, you have to opt for a roof inspection before the summer season arrives, so that any possible issues can be addressed beforehand. To do that, you have to hire a professional home inspector. Some of the other ways you can keep your roof in the best possible condition are:

  1. Keeping your roof gutters free from any debris
  2. Ensuring that the surroundings of your home are free from any interference of tree branches
  • Keeping The Decks Clean

Backyard decks are mostly utilised during the summer season, which is why they require regular maintenance over the entire year to keep them in the best possible condition. The type of material that your deck uses will determine the kind of maintenance it requires. For example, capped composite will require less maintenance than traditional composite or wood.

Thus, it’s suggested that you wash and reseal your deck during the spring season. Once done, you can proceed to carry out another inspection mid-summer so that any structural issues or signs of rot can be detected. The dry weather of the summer season will make it ideal to treat the uncovered deck problems. 

If you want to learn more about getting your home summer-ready, reach out to us right away.


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