How To Get Your Property Ready For The Spring Season?


There’s no denying that every type of property out there requires maintenance so that you can ensure a specific lifespan for the same. Every homeowner likes to protect his or her investment and failure to do so will create long-term problems. 

So, if you want to take good care of your property and make it spring-ready, then you’ve arrived at the correct place as we’ll be discussing the various ways through which you can accomplish the same. Doing so will help you enjoy the spring season even more. 

Ideal Methods To Get Your Property Ready For The Spring Season

  • Clean Out Your Roof Gutters

According to a professional home inspector in Rochester NY, gutter cleaning is the first step that you should take to make your home spring season ready. It doesn’t matter whether you have nearby trees or not, cleaning your roof gutters will eliminate any dirt, debris, leaves, twigs, moss, lichens and so on. 

In case you’re planning to clean your gutters all by yourself, then ensure you take proper equipment and safety measures before doing so. If you’re not accustomed to DIY measures, then we suggest hiring a professional for the same. 

  • Fighting The Termites

Termites can pop up anywhere inside your home. Having any sort of pest infestation can put your home at risk, which is why detecting the problems before they become a major headache is an utmost necessity. If you or your home inspector during a home inspection spots any signs of termite infestation, such as mud tunnels or droppings, then a proper termite extermination process should be opted for. 

When the weather will start becoming warmer, termites can become a problem. You can minimize the entry of termites into your home by following the below-mentioned procedures:

  • Clean all the foundation vents so that there’s proper ventilation.
  • Trim any plants or trees that are near the exterior walls of your home.
  • Ensure that your yard’s water sprinklers shouldn’t face your foundation. 

All of these above-mentioned corrective measures are highly essential for the spring season. And since termite infestation can easily result in massive damages, it’s crucial to take up such issues seriously. 

  • Cleaning Your Windows

The winter season had been harsh to your home windows and it’s time to clear off that dirt & dust. Therefore, it’s the perfect opportunity to make your windows look clean & tidy before the spring season arrives so that you can give your house a new makeover. 

You can either proceed to go ahead with DIY measures or hire a professional window cleaner for the same. If you decide to do the cleaning on your own, all you need is a bucket of cold water, some drops of detergent and a piece of cloth or sponge. 

Start by first cleaning the dirt & debris from the window panes & glasses by using the sponge and the detergent-water mixture. You may need to repeat the process two or three times depending upon how dirty the windows are. Once done, we suggest spraying a mixture of vinegar & water (1:2 ratio) and then using a lint-free cloth to clean the rest. 

  • Carry Out An Extensive Home Inspection

Performing a professional home inspection is indeed a perfect way to prepare your house for the spring season – especially if you’re planning to put the house up for sale. Reports have shown that homes sell faster in the spring season than any other season, making the process very lucrative. 

A proper home inspection procedure will help in detecting any problems that currently exist inside your house or has the potential to do so. Since, the winter season tends to be harsh on building structures, opting for a home inspection can never be a bad idea.


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